fair price for a summit frame

i’m selling my summit frame but i’m not sure what a fair price would be, it’s a little scratched up on the seat tube, and the bearings case but other than that it is in good condition, so what’s a fair price for a summit frame?

ok heres my quick thinking:

an entire kh uni (not the new ones) is $419 at uni.com. A kh frame alone is $145. So that makes the frame .346062 the price of the entire uni.

So most people got their summits off ebay for between $200 and $250. So using the above ratio, that would make the frame worth $70-85.

Now i dont think a frame should really cost a third of the uni. I think uni.com just marked up the price of the single component more than the complete package. So id lower the price.

Then you say its used. So id lower the price some more.

Now maybe you can figure out what its worth. But then you have to think that people have a whole selection of other frames to chose from if they’re in the market for a new frame. So will you really get for it what its worth?

Just thinking about all this stuff is making my head spin. I’m reminded of how much new cars and other consumer stuff depreciates so quickly. It makes me feel kinda sick haha but what can you do.

I wish you the best of luck in your sale.

What do the rest of you guys think?

damn mango you have way to much time on your hands:p