factory spec 24x3 gazz are...

size: 24x3.0
casing: 6/4 cord layers (32tpi/layer)
bead: 2x2 steel
pressure: 15-29psi
weight: 1400g
outside diameter: 658.2mm
tread width: 70mm
casing width: 73mm
knob height(center/shoulder): 5,5mm/10,5mm
measuring rim width: 38mm
recommed rim width on DH use*: 25mm or greater (inner width)

Thanks for the info Jeff.

I just now weighed a new unused 24 x 3 Gazz at 1439g.
Once the little “hairs” are worn off it will probably be 1400g even. :wink:


I am so excited I am gettin a gazzoldi soon, woot woot!!