Extremely clean Nimbus 36" Nightrider w/ computer

It’s a shame to give it up, you’ll probably need something for getting around after you roll your truck, and the sale of your unicycle will only pay for a couple tires

I’m not really giving up the sport completely. I still jump on my trials every couple weeks, roll it around for 10 minutes or so, throw a couple unispins, and put it away. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna keep my trials and muni just because I still ride them occasionally and I still take my muni out to the desert when I go off roading, but the commuter isn’t doing me any good and it’s a nice uni so someone should be using it.

A couple tires? haha. This is gonna pay for one (used) shock for my rear setup. If I was buying new shocks it might cover about 1/3 of the cost of one. I’m convinced I found the most expensive sport in the world, but I’m still doing it because I love every bit of it.

potential buyer

still available. I will be in Anaheim on Oct 5, would like to see it.

I’ve got a flight to the east coast that day around noon, if you can be here before that for a quick sale that’s fine, if I still have it. The other option is I could give it to my unicycle-savvy friend and he can meet up with you for the sale. He knows plenty about this unicycle so if you have any questions he would be able to answer them.

BUMP $460

$425 if purchased this weekend, I’m trying to get rid of this.

Joe…I am interested. I have a friend visiting UCLA this weekend. If you can meet her there, then I will purchase. Please check my PM.


As stated in the ad, please email me if you’re interested. PM’ing on the forums is not emailing, and I probably won’t see it. joesowul@gmail.com

bump! will throw in a pair of QuAx 145 cranks and the original aluminum pinned pedals.

If I can get it for $440 you’re sold!
Although, could I convince you to ship it (Pullman, WA) I would pay shipping of course.

Let me know,

bumping to the top!

superspence, we could probably work out a deal.
you should shoot me an email, joesowul@gmail.com

I’d be interested except that I already have a deal going, $450 total, with more stuff. I might be up for this if I could get a deal for less than that, free shipping (for me), but I understand if that doesn’t work for you

I’m not going to pay for shipping. how about $425, you pay shipping?
and please, for the love of god, email me with your response or this won’t work out. I’ve tried to say it 3 times already, i don’t go on the forums more than once or twice a month so don’t bother replying on this thread.

That’s a sweet ride at an excellent price. Now you’ll have to be patient if you don’t want to give it away. A real buyer will come.

Motor sports are way more expensive than unicycling, of course. In fact pretty much every sport, except maybe running, is. A shock for people who only know unicycling and want to switch to competing nationally in anything else!

But if you want to “upgrade” I’m sure you can spend waaay more money if you get into yacht racing, or how about air racing! The planes that race in Reno every year have half-million dollar engines, which I think they wear out pretty fast!

I’ve emailed Joe and am thinking seriously about buying this uni. It’s exciting to think about making the jump from a 29 to a 36.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good brake for this?

Message Brycer1968 or first check his thread out…he is very helpful

Either a Magura like ally1776 pointed you to, or a disc brake.


This bad boy is coming to my house…sold. Thanks Joe :slight_smile:

Crap, nice setup

I just spring for a KH 36, about the same age and condition, but without the T-bar. 'cept I ponied up $100 more than you started at. What a DEAL! How did I miss this?

The only thing smoother than a 36er is a good scotch.

I would have bought this if I had known it was for sale. Crap again.