Extreme? Am I going too soon?

I haven’t been riding more than a week… already I can free mount extremely well and ride 1/4 of a mile or so fine. I’m able to ride off curbs, over speed bumps, and down multiple grass hills that slope off parking lots. My friends want me to ride down the side of a bridge, not the asphalt part, but the actual grass side of a bridge. It’s extreme, but I think I can make it with a week or so of practice and maybe a different wheel? I’m on a 24" Savage right now but I’m progressing. I think the BMX pedals go on tommorow.

I think we should all take bets on how long it takes before you taco your wheel. I say go for it all, just armor up - minimum of helmet and wrist guards.

From what you say, it sounds like your doing stuff the savage was never designed to do. Heck it will give you an excuse to buy something stronger.

Ride on my man.:smiley:

Sounds like your progressing well.

Keep it up.

i agree. doing that will destroy a savage. theyre only good for flat land and limited tricks.

I doubt the Lasco cranks will be able to hold up either, I’ll try and take pics of the death mountain today if possible. Maybe I can just take the wheel of my mountain bike and put it on the Savage with some BMX pedals?