exploding tire

so just got a tire from my friend… a maxxis hook worm right. So i put it on and filled it with air and road it for a while. Not any extreme riding at all, the biggest was a two stair that i hop up daily and then while im riding it on flat the tire just goes up and explodes out the sidewall :angry: . Scared the crap out of me and extremely mad!

How does a tire friggin explode!? i didnt over fill it and i didnt ride had at all… beyond pissed right now

the bead is probably stretched out too much. i had a cc that did it, and 3 tubes blew out, only at like 26 psi too. i ended up just throwing that tire out.

the bead was just fine, the tire pulled away from the bead :confused:

oh wells im going to contact maxxis and see if is something i did wrong

If the sidewall separated from the bead you must have had a cut in the sidewall. You could check to see if there is a sharp edge on your rim. I had a Serfas tire a while back that came from the bike shop with a cut in the sidewall from the inside. I noticed a strange bulge in the tire after I got it up to pressure and took it off to look at it. I brought it back to the shop and they replaced it on the spot. I’m sure that would have blown through if I hadn’t caught it right away.

The tire pulling away from the bead could have been the cause of the blowout, or the result of it. If the tube were installed incorrectly (twisted or pinched), or it intruded past the rim strip into one of the spoke holes, it can blow out with enough force to damage the tire.

i know the tire wasnt damaged or cut, the rim is good.

and the tube didnt poke out of the rim strip, haha the rim strip covers EVERYTHING up.

I may of put to much pressure in the tube but the weird thing is that i put that much pressure in all my tires… the mystery still remains!

did you powder the tube?