Expert Flat Battles, U Games 2010 (Eli Brill)

These are not all of the battles. Just my preliminary run, semifinal, and final battle.


(starts :53)
Eli vs. Mikiah (semifinal)-

Eli vs. Will (final)-

If anyone filmed the battles between Will & Max, Forrest & Marin, or Mikiah & Marin, please feel free to post them here.

-Eli Brill

I filmed all the expert battles exept one I think, I got home today so I’ll post them tomorrow if I have time. I also filmed your rolling wrap 720 if you want me to post it.

Oh great! Go ahead and post everything here, man!

Could someone maybe explain to me how flat battles work? I’ve watched a few, and they’re impressive, but I don’t really get it. Are they just going for one-upsmanship or what?

They’re two minutes long and the riders take turns (15 seconds each) to try to top their opponents. At the end of the two minutes each rider is given 3 tries to try a “final trick.” Usually people try their biggest stuff. The rider who receives a higher score wins.

It took much longer than I expected, but they’re up now:)

Eli vs. the guy from Puerto Rico (can’t remember his name)

Eli vs. Mikiah

Will vs. Marin

Will vs. Max

Will vs.Eli (link later, vimeo still processing)

I have the preliminary runs too if anyone wants me to upload them

Eli’s rollingwrap to 720

Dude, awesome. Have you me (Marin) against Forrest, please ?

Awesome dude with all those videos! But could you maybe take the rolling wrap-720 in slow motion too? :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry dude, you against Forrest was the only battle I missed I think. I left for a little bit and when I came back it was almost over. I filmed a bit of the end but it’s not very good. I’ll post it tomorrow if you want.

Could you post some of the prelims? I’d like to see Will’s again. It was funny when he snapped his post.