Experience with KH 22 x 40mm bearings?


Has anyone actually themselves used the Kris Holm 22 x 40mm bearings to retrofit a unicycle with 40mm bearing holders to an ISIS hub?

I ask because I have several Rick Hunter unicycles, which are great, but take 40mm bearings. I was thinking of adding a KH hub and ISIS cranks to one or all of them.

Are these bearings (described as “This bearing, consisting of two 22x34mm OD ISIS bearings pressed into a 40 mm insert, allows older frames with 40 mm housings to fit Moment hubs as long as they have 100 mm bearing spacing.”) any less durable or strong than the stock bearings? Are there any considerations I should be aware of before using them?

Thanks for your thoughts in advance.


There is a long and very clear post about those bearings explaining that when cranks are tightened, the wheel don’t turn any more very freely in the frame as the inside shell of the 22x40 bearings is too thin.

Try to use the search function, this is not very old subject, may be some months ago, around end 2009.

Thanks for the response

Thanks for responding.

Unfortunately the search function is not producing the desired thread.

I have tried “22x40” “22 x 40” “22mm x 40mm” etc. and I am not finding it.

Can some one help by posting a link to the thread?


I just searched “bearings” and got these results… you may find something here: http://unicyclist.com/forums/search.php?searchid=2479135


I had tried that search term earlier…

Thanks but that produces pages of results (which I have looked through) none of which seem to address this question.

This is the thread that you’re probably looking for.


Thank you, this is the right post !