Exceed Carbon Saddle (Thick) or Nimbus Air Saddle

I’m looking at getting one of these saddles to go with a KH36" and Nimbus Shadow Handlebar. Has anyone ridden both of these and can advise which one I should go with? Currently I’m using a Fusion One which I’m quite used to. I was leaning towards the Exceed but it is pricey but if it’s truly more comfortable then the air then I’ll pick it up.

What’s the selling point of the Exceed? It doesn’t look like it’s significantly lighter than a standard saddle, and stiffness won’t make a difference when it’s mounted to a Shadow base.

Carbon bases don’t break when you do a lot of jumping tricks or mount long handlebars on them - all other seats do. That would be the selling point I think…

Why you’d want the exceed saddle mounted on a shadow bar for distance, I don’t know either… So far I haven’t heard many reviews from either the Air saddle or the Exceed, and certainly no one (aside from udc staff) that has tried both, so I think unfortunately, you are out of luck Unigan…

I personally don’t see how the exceed saddle would be more comfortable than “normal” saddles. I think the Nimbus Air Saddle might be.

Thanks for your thoughts so the selling points for the exceed are of course it’s weight and rigidness. It’s stiffness is not as important since using a shadow handle. For a saddle it does look very nice but the air saddle is sounding more practical and cheaper so I’ll probably go with that.

There was some durability issue reported with the cover on the air saddle. Someone reported the cover showed excessive wear after a relatively short time. There was a photo posted here or FB.

I’m getting a Nimbus Shadow Set as I already have the KH T-Bar on my other 36" and instead of getting the exact same handle bar I figured I would try a different handlebar setup as I’ve heard other people prefer it over the KH one.

In that vein I wanted to try a different saddle as I have a fusion one on that 36" and they are not compatible with nimbus shadow bars anyway. As I already have access to a nimbus stadium/KH freeride so I don’t need another one those either.

I found the thread showing the wear JimT does look pretty worn thanks for mentioning still might try my luck with it


Looks nice but I do know that it requires some modification to fit and I’m not that handy.

I mounted a Fusion Zero to my Shadow base and it was mostly a case of being delicate with the bolts to align and slowly tighten. True the base does not perfectly align so there will be a corner or two that will not be a flat contact surface but nothing critical.
I do not remember if I had to use longer bolts to make it work (but you do not need to be handy to buy longer bolts, just a hardware store :stuck_out_tongue: )

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