Evolution of a Schlumpf

From 29 inches to 36! See the photos here. This is the unicycle I rode in the road races at UNICON, having built it literally the day before I left for Denmark. I had one 11km test ride on it on the morning that I left NZ, smashing my previous test-course record. Geared 36ers are fast!

Nice wheel, Tony. Scary to think that you’ll be even faster now. Yikes!

Nice. I see you switched to 152 from 140mm.

I sent my hub in for the upgrades, I am still waiting for it to get back to me. These last 2-3 months have felt like 2-3 years, I am so anxious to get my KH/Schlumpf 36 up and running.

I need to start training so I can beat you and Ken at the next Unicon :smiley:

thats a nice setup.
like it better now it had a handlebar but still the t7 bar is to small:D
you remember me and dustin with the huge handlebars:D

big boys have big handlebars;)

but do you like the t7 bar?

Yes I did that after the 10km race in preparation for the UNICON marathon. I felt I didn’t have quite enough power with 140s in the big gear. In doing that I damaged the downshifting button and couldn’t get it back on. That didn’t matter too much as I only shifted once, within the first 50m, the entire race! After UNICON I visited Florian in Switzerland and got a new button put on.

eenwieler-sander - yes I remember you and Dustin and your enormously long handlebars! So far I like the T7. Most of the time I use it in hunched over ‘Jann Logemann’ style with both hands on the T7 handles. I also find myself riding with one hand on the saddle handle and one on the T7, especially when braking on downhills. For moderate climbs I use both hands on the T7 and steeper climbs one hand on each, and really steep climbs both hands on the saddle handle (a bit of a tight fit, but still possible). I guess the best thing about the T7 is that it gives you a variety of hand positions. Also its cool to be able to see my speedo.