Evolution - for unicyclists, by unicyclists...

Here it is guys. I couldnt sit on it for any longer, unicycling has progressed so much in the past 5 years that it would be pointless to throw this out there on a DVD. But id like to thank all the riders ( and filmers) who contributed to the video and i hope that everyone enjoys.



Produced by Justin Kohse

Evolution was finished about 5 maybe 6 years ago…but life kicked in and I never got around to getting copies made and all that jazz. I found a copy lying around so i figured ive sat on it long enough and might as well give it to the public.

Filmed by the riders

Featured Riders:

  • Rob Thomas
  • Justin Kohse
  • Anthony Hibbing
  • Bryan Stevens
  • Kevin Mcmullin
  • Yoggi
  • Jeff Groves
    and many more!

Music by:

Sweatshop Union, the Faint, Metric, Bedouin Soundclash, Rock N’ Roll soldiers, and Onedrop…

Barcelona, BC, North Dakota, California, and more…


The vid is great, I’ll have to take the time to watch the rest of it later only got 7 min. in so far.

I hope the 300mb download is worth it for a 5 year old vid :P. I remember the trailer was pretty sweet though.

omg omg omg it’s finally released!!! ah so exiting!! but my internet is shit so it’ll b a while before its finished loading :frowning:

Just when I lost hope… Nice to see it finally! :smiley: (love Bryan Steven’s part btw, crazy!)

hahahaha, i forgot how hard i was laughing when he fell on that trials line…i must of watched it 8 or 9 times before capturing the footage, i couldnt stop laughing!

sorry man, youre the man! ( well now i guess, since your probably like 17)

that was awesome! you cant not love old skool street!

surely its not 5 years old though, one of the songs was released in '06 :thinking:

ok finally finished watching

IT WAS AWSOME!! i really liked seeing extra footage from kevin n yoggi’s rail attempts in barcelona. and anthony hibbings style was so smooth!!

but bryans stacks took the cake for me. his uni fall was totally epic!!! and wen he was trying to jump over that fence thingy at the end, that made me lolz so much.

awsome dvd/video all round!! luved it

Yeah you’re right. It’s definitely not 5 or 6 years old. It had crankflips in it :P. And I think that footage of Yoggi and Kevin McMullin is from 06 or 07.

im pretty sure yoggi and kevins footage was from around the time of Unicon 13 which was in 2006? so that makes this video no more than 3 years old

ohh man :astonished: editing is so cool and riding too, i really like all these clean hoptwists and grinds!!

The world needs more guys like Bryan Stevens, he’s such a great BC-Wheeler and he has the best bails :smiley:
Respect Justin, really nice work;)


Great editing and music. Glad you didn’t loose the footage.
I liked Yoggi at 13:47 doing the rail, then a little skip to the next rail.
Interesting to see all your Victoria locations
BC wheel muni at 26:09 is a cool idea.

Very cool Justin, nice one.

What!? Anthony Hibbing was fluxing before it had a name. :roll_eyes: Sick video, even though I can only watch like half of it:(

That was a really great vid! I just spend 27 minutes of my life to watch this, but it was worth it :stuck_out_tongue: I really liked Bryan Stevens’s part and Justin’s part, the rest was still awsome. This is gonna go on my iPod for sure!

Yea, I would agree, it’s kinda old. But it was a fun watch. Bryan Steven’s part was the best I think. And Yoggi when He almost got the double handrail.

Good, old movie. Lot of style, very nice editing, loved the bails (as always haha).

Shots have to be around 2006/2007. i saw a KH 07 frame in there :wink:

yeah you guys are right, i think i finished it up in '06, same time around my highschool graduation. but filming started before that, so its been since later '04.

glad everyone is enjoying it so far, now that i know what im doing and that ive gone to school for all of this stuff i cant wait to take the time and make another one, except maybe ill put it out when its done haha.