Evolution dvd ? wth ?

Well, watched the trailer atleast a douzen of times laughing my ass off. What is up with the people who can’t unicycle in the trailer ? I mean there was 2 clips that looked okay and the rest made me go wtf . I mean if the dvd is this quality I wont be buying it and I dont think lotsa people should. Also WTF is up with the wakeboarding ? I mean if you’re going to call your DVD Evolution make sure it shows that the sport did evoluate, in the trailer it looks like we r 5 years back when people thought they we’re sick because they could hop a 4 set ! Also at the end we see a huge ledge why dont you show the riders that hit that lede in your trailer instead of some crapy stuff, anyways as you know by now I WON’T BUY THIS DVD !

holly shizzle someone’S mad… wth buddy u think your sooo good or what ?

I’m sure they’ll have the actualy footage in the DVD, they just cut it off early as to not give away too much.

Although I agree to a certain extent, non-riding should not be in a unicycle movie except for a “rider profile” type thing. A couple seconds showing what the rider looks like to make it personal and that should be it.

forest does have a good point… but no comment from me.

I mean if you’re going to go on a crazy rant make sure you can spell.


I am glad someone put down the time and effort to make a new uni video, since they are few and far between, I personally will be purchasing this video. For this whole new topic denouncing the video, its just no good, the unicycling community I like to pretend I belong to is all love and support; doesn’t seem to be like that anymore on this forum.

Kozy and hibbing are fly. The soundtack sounds superb.


yea man justin is the bomb so is anthony and that bc wheel kid (sorry I forgot your name ) defenatly buyin this dvd

I have heard that Tamere guy is good too.:wink:

yea too bad no one put his name anywhere, and he wasent shown in the trailer eh… :frowning: !

I’m sure I don’t need any help spelling. But, it’s good to know you guys are there to check up on me. Hibb good fakie, Kozy ride big wheel, no good street tho, too big.

Much love yall,

'sall good, check my user name:)

haha thanks

you are right, my part is 4 1/2 minutes long, and i all i do is ride backwards through a forest.


Well, I’m sure you fall on your ass trying crankflips as well in the movie.

Much love yall,

i never try crankflips unless i’m wearing my full face helmet.

Yeah, you also wear one when you walk incase you slip and fall again.

did you just make fun of me?

yo anthony is it you wakeboarding in the trailer ?

nope not me. i don’t know who it is.