Everything you need to know about the Torker DX

I started this thread because the amount of threads on the Torker DX is rediculous. I am hoping to ease your mind and keep you from making a thread about it(there are already hundreds)

lets go with a breakdown of the uni from seat to tire.

the seat is an average seat, much the same as a quax, just with a different cover.
It has a plastic seatbase with a metal seat stiffener for the bolts in the handle and the bolts that hold the seatbase on the seatpost, you can tighten them plenty tight, but after a while the stiffener may break, but don’t worry about this, it is not threatening to the uni unless you ride it really hard, then the seat can break, the KH has the same problem.

the seatpost is plenty strong, don’t worry about it.

the frame is plenty strong, it is the older year-models that break

the cranks/hub assembly… omg… cody is the only one ever who has broken it. it can handle 8 ft drops repeatedly and then some.

the rim is way strong and plenty wide, nothing to worry about there

the tire is goood (idk what tube it comes w/)

Thanks for starting yet another DX thread … :wink:

Actually, you might specify that this is about the DX 20 just because the things people say about the 20 aren’t identical to what they say about the 24.

All the same stuff goes for the 24" I’ll vouch for him. I have both. Skrobo I was actually going to make a very similar thread today.

While the DX may weigh slightly more than other unis, the consensus has been that it has no effect whatsoever on hop height. UniTyler said it perfectly in a different thread when he said “The DX is indestructible under normal circumstances.” For all intensive purposes the only reason you would choose the qu-ax trials over the DX trials as far as I am concerned is because you want the longer cranks. I however prefer the shorter cranks of the DX. The shorter cranks allow you to go faster, provide less wobble when speed gliding or doing one footed tricks and most importantly hit the ground a heck of a lot less often while riding.

What’s an intensive purpose?

You likely mean “intents and purposes”.

“English, motherf*cker, do you speak it?”

You forgot to mention the seat cover has rubber sides, of which like to chafe the inside of your leg more than others.

Also the pedals are way too grippy, and I feel the platforms are a tad smaller than I like.

48h wheels also suck, too hard to replace the hub, or rim.

I wish it was 36h, then I could replace the rim with a KH or V!Z rim, I want a wider rim than the DX32.

The seatpost clamp is the best thing since sliced bread, the insert it has makes it so much more stronger than other seatpost clamps. (I have a good habit of breaking seatpost clamps because they drill the threads into the damn aluminum like retards, I hate people who do this.)

The seatpost itself… is only welded on one side of the seat bracket, theoretically giving it a weak spot. I feel it should be welded on both, the top and bottom of the bracket.

You could probably do a search of these fora, or else look it up on Sheldon Brown’s bike site, but I know that others have talked about lacing wheels when the hub and rim have different spoke counts. It’s a matter of skipping holes in a specific pattern (in the hub, if you wanted to use a 32 or 36 hole trials rim). I’ve read that there’s no problems in strength, although I have no experience of it. I’ve considered this myself because I was going to build a wheel with the Qu-Ax yellow hub, which is 48 hole, but there were no 48 hole rims available. But now that the new KH hub & cranks are about the same price as Qu-Ax, I’ll probably go that route instead.

i have no problems w/ the seat
the rim is indestructable, i have heard of nobody breaking one
and i think my seatpost clamp was just a mess up.
and the seatpost, it is not the weld that breaks, there are marks from how they press the thing curved or something, and that is where mine was breaking.

Yeah, if I can find a reliable guide to lace a 36h rim to a 48h hub then I would buy a new rim.

Hmm, I always thought the seatposts were ripping off at the weld…

i found one on sheldonbrown.com, but now I can’t find it, and im sure there are better ways to do it.

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The same people who don’t first search would not read such a post.