Everyone get your friends to unicycle.

The world needs more unicyclists. If you guys have extra unis u should let your friends borrow them or some shit. C’mon guys. We also need more members so if anyone knows unicyclits that aren’t signed up make them get a log in name.

since i started unicycling i have inspired 10 people to start unicycling

Hey jc, no offense intended but…you sure use alot of bad language. Please keep it to a minimum there are kids who regularly read this forum.
Thanks :slight_smile:

My friends would never uni. They said its for clowns just because they couldnt do it.I hate one of my friends or should i say x-friends realy bad because he cant uni and he just tries to rip on me and unicycling because of it. Hes an assface!!!,and im going to shoot him in his tiny wiener!

i have goten like 5 of 6 kids into it mostly x skate borders just hang around your local skate park i bet a lot of people will talk to you

Ive taugh 1 friend to learn how, but now hes kinda lost interest (he had his moms shcwinn from the 70’s) and I got my neighbor and his little brother into it too. So thats a total of…3!!!


I’ve gotten 1 in. no wait, 2. And i’m gonna get another 1 into it (he wants to give it a shot).

I was one of the first in my little town to ride, and now about ehh, 15 or 20 people know how to ride. Only about four or five people are devout unicyclists, but still, it’s gotten quite popular.

I got five guys in my year at school in to Muni, and hopefully inspired some younger kids aswell

After starting uniiing, 2 of my neighbors, one kid I sort of know, another who one of my freinds knows, and a couple of others have learned unicycling.

Unicycling needs to get big, like x games big. Then, we will all be like tony hawk style heroes. Or something. I guess it’s a dream, though it would be incredibly cool.

I think unicycling is getting a lot bigger faster. Equipment is becoming readily available, most bike shops carry unicycles, though they really aren’t that good. (Torker and Sun, where I’m at)

ive been unicycling for about 2 weeks and now ive got ma m8 taht lives with me to start as well

does his mom still ride?
cause if she does, u can call your friend stacey


Ha. I get it.

Anyway, I loaned my el cheapo 20" to my stepson to to learn. He did but doesn’t seem terribly interested in it anymore. I need to get it back so I can loan it to the next person who shows even a vague interest.

hahaha, actualy “staceys” mom does still ride. But she never took her skills to more than riding downstairs. I showed her that I could hop and she was amazed and had never thought of that before.