everLoving mud

Well after a wet ride in walnut creek my Wife made me take a shower with my Coker. I tried to tell her that i had alredy gone for a nice brisk swim in a swollen creek and that the mud was just going to fall off after it dryed. To no avail.

I do have to stay for all the mud it shure was funn ridding in it. Olny did a few miles cuz was me Eric AJ and Scott fome San found out that to much mud is a bad thing. Just Riding along and bam your wheel stops not to menchin that i had my shorts ripied apart from ym uni quit literaly torn off luckely i was wearing some bkie shorts .

Does this mean that i am cheeting on my wife with my Coker?

Just how much mud will a coker tyer hold and still be ride able?

Ps thanks for the Ride Scott Eric and AJ. Doug was also there but we never met up sorry.


Re: everLoving mud

If you have to choose, remember A Coker smiles better :wink:

that was fun nate. did you hear that scott’s hub broke playing hockey after the mud fest? well it did. i think scott should be glad that it broke within 50 yards of his truck and not several miles away.

my uni is still packed with mud. i was too tired to mess with it when i got home.


Mud to the max, but that ride was fun. It was great to meet Nate and AJ, and ride with Eric and Doug again. It was worth the trip just to see Nate come down that big, steep slope to the creekbottom (on his Coker), then hit the smooth slick rock bottom and do the most beautiful high-speed-but-yet-slow-motion sliding turn in a valiant but hopeless effort to avoid the creek. Sure he ended up face down in a foot of water, but it was still an inspiring site. The fact that he missed me by no more than six inches made it even more thrilling. I had come down just before him and landed in the middle of the creek on my feet, but with much less style.
AJ looked great on his new KH. I think that is what was under that mud.

Yes, my Wilder hub snapped. I did it on purpose so the hockey punishment would stop. I need to practice before we do that again. I ordered the Profile setup today and hope to have it going by Wednesday. Ouch.

Thanks for arranging the ride Eric.