Events calendar/agenda?

What about adding an “Event” category? Each event could then be linked to a point on the Open Unicycle Map using a custom field.

We thought about that and decided that it was not necessary at this time, but we’re open to do that if it’s needed or wanted :slight_smile:
As for the custom field that targets the open unicycle map, that may be too difficult for me, I’m unfortunately not a code wizard…
Maybe we could use the same location feature as in #trading-post and have a global map (this is 100% possible), but I’m not sure we can separate multiple categories…

I’m not quite sure if this is really needed.
In the German Category we handle it like this: for each year we have a events thread with a list in it (old style 2020, new style 2021). Separate threads for single events are not needed, only if a discussion for the event is needed.

Having a special event category would cause single threads for each event that are not even sorted by date. And with which information in it? Not even the IUF has a separate event calendar nowadays since the open unicycle calendar does this job really good (the IUF links to this calendar). If there is really an event that needs discussion, wen can still make a thread in the general category. But for the rest, the open unicycle calendar is the solution. Doubling up is just a potential source of error.

What we could (or even should) do is: put a calendar symbol in the top bar, right next to the map icon, that directly links to the calendar (or a site containing it).

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There is an events plugin for Discourse:

It displays the date and duration under the topic title:

It has a link to let the user add the event to their own calendar, and display the number of persons attending the event:

It also displays a calendar:

And an agenda which lists the events by chronological order as well:

There are a few flaws. We can’t see events for an entire year apparently (only month by month), and events with a lot of text (which can be easily avoided) may display not properly:

Do we need an event funcionality here?
  • No, open unicycle calendar is enough
  • Yes, an event category is needed
  • Yes, we need this plugin

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I’d like to have a link to the open unicycle calendar in the navigation, just like with the world map.

Otherwise people will have to maintain multiple calendars, which will inevitably lead to some events only being listed on one of the calendars.


I have added the icon in the header.

The idea of merging or migrating an external tool to the forum seems great to me.
I like the idea of centralizing unicycling tools in the same place instead of having a link to an external service (that requires another account on another website). It would be easier to use and maintain, bring more activity to the forum and help make it the unicycling reference (again?).


Maybe @makym (as the creator and admin of the open unicycle calendar / map) could chime in?

Hi all

First of all, thanks for refreshing/reactivation the forum.

Also thanks for linking Open Unicycle Map and Calendar on top bar, I already noticed activity on the Map with few new unicyclists registered.

I agree with @Canapin that centralizing tools in one place ( is a good idea.

I created Open Unicycle Map and Calendar because I knew that such a service is needed. If at least same functionality can be achieved at than I agree to migrate data into it.

Regarding Map, so far there are no serious issues with it but in many years they will arise. It would be nice to have a control on who is registered on the map and allow only registered members to add their pins.

Regarding Calendar, everybody with link to calendar is able to add events but unfortunately only very few hosts do it. Even though that posting new event is not restricted there were no fake events posted so far. Most of the events are posted by myself after studying many sources. I really like the current functionality of the calendar and would not agree to migrate it to something with reduced functionality. The platform (on which the calendar works) would be interested to support individual projects with revenue.

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Hi! :wave:

Besides embedding the open map in a topic as I did, I can’t do much more since the forum doesn’t have tools to directly interact with google maps.

As for the calendar, which features do you need in particular?

Since I was interested in this functionality, I tried a Discourse plugin. Here are the features:

Informations when creating an event:

Events on the topic list

Besides the event name and dates, it also displays tags (muni, road, freestyle…), the number of users attending the event (1 going).
When opening the event topic, any user can click a button to say they’re going:

I can also add the location the same way I did for #trading-post topics:

I’ve also started working on adding a multicolored events feature, as it is on teamup. This is how it looks like:

Any user could create their own event and edit the content when needed.

The plugin lacks a yearly view for the calendar, which is a downside. But the Agenda page lists all the events ordered by date.


Hey @makym, any follow-up? :slight_smile:

Sorry @Canapin for the super late reply, I have totally forget about this forum.

The yearly view is particularly important for myself when planning my year in advance. However I could somehow deal without it.

What I feel important:
1* ability to select visible disciplines. (For example to see only events with Muni.)
2* ability to feed another calendars. (I feed my private google calendar with Muni events.)