eventfull skatepark hour

so i just got back from a very eventful hour at the skatepark.
i got there figure i would just ride right up the 2 foot box on my 24 inch torker cx, no go it was very hard and i fell(thank you 661’s) then i figureed i would just hop right up onto the grind rail, no go there either(and more props for my 4x4’s) so after an hour of trying to hop onto the grind rails throughout this low budget skatepark i gave up and came home to write this up, knowing that my first question would be how do i hop up and over to the side at the same time?
i would love it if i looked at this post in an hour and saw it filled with tips, from the likes of amanda, skate4flip and schmidty, and all you other awsome skatepark riders but i know thats not gonna happen so could all you people please just give me some tips(besides get a new uni) like how to do all that stuff with ease as you guys make it look.
thanks to anyone who replys with tips

It really doesn’t matter what type of unicycle you have, the general idea is the same. Learn to hop in place, putting a bit of effort into hopping as few times as possible. Think about each time you land as a stillstand and try to hold it there as long as possible, only hopping when you need to reposition yourself. Soon, being able to hop to the side will come naturally. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t do it either. If you tell yourself you can do something, you can; just like when you were little and someone read The Little Engine that Could to you before bed. If you are indroduced to the idea of mind over matter at an early age, you have that much more of a chance to succeed in whatever you might be attempting. Just don’t give up.

Is it coincidence that “Journey- Don’t Stop Believing” just started playing?..

so your question is how do you hop up and sideways at the same time? Ok here is what i know.

When i first started learning to hop on to things and across things i used 2 pallets (both 5" high.) I would hop up the pallet and then gap from one to the other and then hop off, starting with a small gap (horizontal: about 7 inches or so and then steadily increasing). I think some good practice for you would to practice hopping seat in and seat out with out hopping like a pogo stick. Hop and then do a short still stand and then hop again instead of bouncing up and down. Once you get good enough you can eventually just do a still stand and only using hopping to correct your balance. Try practicing just how far you can go sideways you can go before you try to go up and sideways (for me i did a gap between the 2 pallets). I started around 10 inches and then eventually moved up to 38 inches where i am now. 40" seems really hard for me now but so did 27" a few months ago and 18" before that.

Hopefully that made sense but i think you should work on hopping up curbs and hopping off them as far as you can. You could try hopping up the curb, but instead of landing on the edge try to jump in farther. Just start small and then work your way bigger and igger. (or if you have pallets use those). I dont have pallets then you can make some thats what i did. I can send you the mesurements i used and some pictures if you want.\

Hope this helps.

(oh my name is Jeff by the way)