[Event] Monotréal's First Winter Taz Ride

Hi all !

Monotréal is holding its first official winter ride at the indoor skatepark Taz. These rides will happen twice each month, but don’t miss the chance to participate in the first one !

    [b]Date :[/b] Sunday, december 20th 2009
    [b]Place :[/b] Taz (8931, Papineau Street, Montréal)
    [b]Duration of location :[/b] From 9h00 to 1h00
    [b]Price :[/b] [list]
  • 15.00$ for all
  • 4th meeting is [b]free[/b] for all official Monotréal's members
    [b]Meeting time #1 :[/b] 8h30, at 8h40 we fly !
    [b]Meeting point #2 :[/b] Taz
    [b]Meeting time #2 :[/b] 9h00

Hope to see you there !


P.S. Thanks a lot Émile.

Well I’m going… :slight_smile:

but you already knew that right :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, im coming. i havent had a decent uni roadtrip in years…YEARS!

yeah, its been a really long time since i’ve had a decent uni road trip.
Now that im done school, am working, and have christmas holidays ( plus i can afford finally), then im for sure coming.

Just trying to figure out if anyone else on the westcoast wants to go out at that way. If so, then roadtrip anyone?

if not i guess im flying…maybe ill strap my uni on my scooter :wink:


p.s. im talking with pete right now about slapping together a 24" street machine…

And Kris, Mike and Kenneth. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like the picture of the trials zone you posted was before Monotréal’s WE. There are no tire marks on the orange wall. :roll_eyes: And yes I was VERY lost in the HTML.

It is going to be sick. I can’t wait to ride with everyone and to see the grade I will get on my Physics exam the next day.


I’ll be there…

I’ comming for sure!! Exept if there’s a snow storm… My father dont want to drive in a snow storm all the way to Montreal…
I can’t wait!!!:smiley:

Will we just ride from 9am to 1pm? Or all day long?

bumpity bump, more people need to go to this

There are already 16(?) people comming from Montreal and around there… but I agree that we need at least 50 like Mikael said on monotreal.ca.cx:p

Com’on people! it’s gonna be cool:)

yeah… if you want… but will we only ride from 9am to 1pm??

so we’ll have to pay again to be able to ride after 1pm?:frowning:

Hah, yeah probably, if I can get the car I’m gonna come.

Anyone else wanna come?

Unfortunatly I havn’t heard from Justin, I guess he won’t come… I hope I’m wrong tho.