European Unicycling Championships - is anyone from here going?

Not seen this mentioned on these pages - but is anyone thinking of attending this event in the Czech Republic this July?

(You’ll need to translate the French if you don’t speak it)

I am toying with going as I speak Czech and have in-laws there. Just curious if anyone on these forums was joining too.

Not sure what I’d do when there as I’m not really competition ready - and I’ve never taken part in a big unicycling event, but I’d like to push myself and see what it’s all like.

(Before aiming for Unicon 21!!)

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Is becoming the reference for events? :sunglasses:
Not sure I will join. That’s a long travel from France when you don’t want to go by plane. I’ll have to think about it - and I’d be happy to meet my international friends if I finally decide to go.

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I haven’t seen it posted elsewhere really. Facebook but hard to track the details.

I have started lurking on the forum though to soak up more unicycling goodness :grin:

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I’m considering going, I just need to see if I can take the time (also the pricing if I’m honest) - it’s not far for me and will be fun, but of the competitions held there I’m only really interested in Muni. I assume there will be others to hang out and ride with for fun in the meantime, but I’ll ask my unicycling friends who is going once there is more info and an official registration.

Let’s be honest: unicycling for the most part is highly unprofessional - if you can ride the distance of a road race, you are “competition ready” for example. Lot’s of people compete for fun and challenging themselves, even at a Unicon.


This is good to hear :ear: :pray:

I’ve mostly stuck to solo riding here in the UK as the one or two group rides I’ve tried have felt too managed / corralled and I’ve felt the need within those to race to follow people or “prove myself” which kills the joy of mono-riding for me.

But I get the vibe from the on-the-continent of European side of things the experience could be a bit more engaged and enjoyable.

I can ride pretty well and would bring a Schlumpf but I do lack a decent freemount which feels key to joint events.

I’d only be looking at the road / marathon events I think - but would never say no to some light Muni challenges

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