Eurocycle 2008

We are very happy to announce that Eurocycle 2008 will be held in Croatia. There will be hockey and basketball as always but depending on the location the focus in 2008 will be on XC, downhill, trials, street and flat. There won’t be any track races, only long distance XC races. You can find more info in the announcement which you can download as a PDF document in english, french and german (more languages will following soon)


I just want to remember you that there is still a chance to sign in for the Eurocycle 08. It’s not that cool signal to the east part of Europe that nearly nobody form the rest of Europe will come to their conventions. Isn’t it important to show in the growing countries that we are a big community?
There will be riders from Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, the Czech republic, Austria and Germany and maybe from Denmark.
We can offer there Romms for 2 - 4 People which cost 10 € a night.
So come on and check your option to make it possible!