Eurocycle 2003, the show

A mixed bag, this years show. It was the traditional Eurocycle open
with acts press ganged from the attending unicyclist crowd.

Some routines were fairly polished others where a bit rough and ready or
rather short. Rcoket did about the shortest routine in which he
demonstrated the art of slack rope walking. The longest was proabdly the
final GMTV Trials bounce around group who showed off some fairly
stuff jumping on and of and around a bunch of gym equipment, I do like
Arne’s bounce off a box onto a trampette and back to the box, thats neat.

The two large Danish clubs did group routines that I think included every
rider in the club, Morfelden preformed a Vampire themed group routine
with BIG hair, and a slight hic-up when they lost the music half way
though, well done for carrying on regardless.

Our compares for the night tried to keep at least some of the comentry
in English for the non german speakers in between their juggling and
unicycling antics. Iris demonstrated a few ways to make the slow race
more intersting, Some one did some club swinging ( or was it poi). Borkan
club did stuff with skiping and Anje and Tim and friends showed off some
unicycle Acrobalance stuff.

The lighting and Sound set up was quite good this year, sponsered I
believe, and I loved the use of rope light to mark out a stage.


Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders