Euro Cycle, close up and personal.

To start with an apology, this is my memories of euro cycle and my experience of
it. To read about your euro cycle you must post too…

Paul and I found our way to Haslev with 4 unicycles in tow via a plane a train
or 4 and a helpfull Haslevian doing his gardening. The school grounds were large
and had lots of grassy areas and a big 2 hall sports complex. We found our Dorm
( classroom ) and then went in serch of FOOOD, 3 breakfasts had worn off by late
afternoon. The Bar was great, good beer, and good food and great company ( with
an austraulian accent). The rest of the evening was spent exploring the woods,
and school grounds on our Munis and chatting to people arriving late. By 1am our
dorm was full and the snoring, heat and rustling sleeping bags ensured no one
got too much sleep. Friday dawned all to early and the sun beat down making it
hard to stay in my bed after 6.30 am so I took a uni out for a ride and found an
empty gym to play in, joined later by Geoff for a tour of the kids playground
and a play on the slide. The Games started in ernest with a slow race and the
IUF obstacle race, some people had clearly been practising… I had not so I
helped with judging. It was at these games i first saw UNI MUM or UNI DAD in
action, they are scary, heaven help the UNI CHILD who has pushy parents.

Dinner… an interesting experience. Aparently the pasta got held up at the
leval crossing foe 20 minutes, this did nothing to improve it, the first time I
have sliced my spag bol into bite sized chunks. Also interesting was the
colourfull array of team T-shirts on display, there are some co ordinated clubs
out there, Team Switzerland seemed to go every where in a red shirted line with
the swiss flag flying in front and a cow bell ringing at the rear, unikids from
Ringstead were in eye-catching orange and SKV Morfelden a mass of Dark Green
.Jokerkids were my fav tho in tie died green, every shirt the same but differnt.

Hockey dominated the evening after the traditional arguement over what type of
ball to use. Miarks surgestion of a ping pong ball did not go down to well. My
team lunis never really got it together, thanks to Dusseldorf and einrad express
for good tight games tho. Boy those Lunis shirts stink of sweat after a game,
later showered and refreshed we retired to the Bar to drink and chat late into
the night.

Saturday Morning was set aside for the 100m race. The sun beat down
relentlessly, the tarmac was hard as one or two youngters discovered when their
knees meet it fast and hard. There are some Very fast riders out there, I held
onto my stopwatch and prayed I hit the button right every time. In the
afternoon was the surpise Obstacle race, what a fun race, no need to ride
anything you did not want to, and you could chose easy or hard optiond on many
section. Scoring must have been a nightmare, but well done guys. It was a good
course even if i did manage to fall off the widest bridge over the pool and got
a very wet unicycle.

Paul chose to do the race in his own style… doing none of the recognised
obstacles, he rode the forward bits backward and the backward forward, around
the slalon not thro it, climbed a tree in the middle and went into the pool head
first. Finishing last with the highest time and most points. Unique.

And now it seems to be late and I am tired so the rest of this report will have
to wait…

To be continued