Euro 26er

I’m feeling very anxious…I haven’t been a uni rider for a year and a half and I really want to get back into it. I want to spend under 200 euros on a 26 inch or 29 inch unicycle. I live in Prague and see that the in Germany has a 26" Qu-ax standard for around 89 euros, but it doesn’t look too fantastic. Anyone or know of any other options? I don’t see any. The UK version doesn’t have much else to offer. I want to ride distances with the possibility of riding trails. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I really feel the urge to get back onto a unicycle and get back into shape.

how about this

I would suggest getting the cheap 26er and getting some better parts for it with your leftover money, that might include shorter cranks (125’s should be no problem), a nicer seat and maybe a better or different tire.

The other good option is the nimbus 29er but it doesn’t fit in your budget.

ntappin, I think you’re right. I should just go with the 26er and upgrade it as I did with my 24" Torker LX…by the end it was pretty decent and there’s something nice about having a uni you’ve more or less customized. I’m going to find out if UDC Germany will ship it with shorter cranks. Great…I’m excited! I can’t wait to be rolling again.

Hmm…just when I think I’ve made a decision I go and find something else. This looks pretty good, the Nimbus 26" MUni 2007:

Although it says they don’t ship to the Czech Republic where I am! I’m asking UDC Germany if they can get it.

UK have it too.

Would be a great first muni assuming you don’t want to do big drops or jumps on it.


As long as you don’t do big drops the Nimbus muni is excellent. I’ve had mine for more than two years with no problems at all (except a broken KH seat base, but that’s not the uni’s fault). The UDC CrMo cotterless hubs are really plenty strong enough for any riding except big drops - I use mine a lot (usually between 40 and 100 miles a week) on some pretty rocky trails and it’s held up fine - never even had a loose crank. I actually prefer it to a 29er for fast cross-country riding, but perhaps I do ride rougher than average xc.

If you’re going to be doing big drops (2 feet or more) or a lot of hopping then perhaps you should look at splined hubs, but otherwise I’d say you’ll be very happy with a Nimbus 26.


Okay, it’s slightly above the budget but this unicycle rocks. I think you said you want to ride some road on it too, stick 90/100/114mm cranks on it, for riding XC stick on longer 125/140/150mm cranks, it’s a great unicycle, I have a slightly upgraded version and I’m completely loving it, it’s lightweight and much better in turns than a heavy 24" or 26" unicycle. For road you can eventually buy a big apple tire that easily fits the KH rim.

So, I emailed UDC in Germany and received a very friendly and prompt reply from the owner, Roland. He offered to custom build a 26" uni for me, specific to my height and weight (about 190cm and 104kg) for 200 euros. I couldn’t resist. Here are the specs. What do you all think?

Qu-ax ISIS hub
48 Spokes
Halo SAS rim
Nimbus Gel Saddle
Nimbus II frame chrom
125mm Qu-ax ISIS cranks
Metal pedals

I’m not sure what tire there will be, but I think a slick one.

I’m very excited about this. I suppose it’s the old ‘ask and you shall receive’. Roland was incredibly friendly, helpful and accomodating and I certainly would recommend the services of UDC Germany at to anyone in their area with uni-related needs. I can’t wait to see what it looks like and, of course, to ride it!

whew! all of that for 200 euro. Damn! Thats awesome

NIce! That should be a great uni. Every part is pretty descent, and should last a long time. Nice price too!

You’ll really enjoy that machine I think. Sounds like a nice ride!

Yeah, I feel like one lucky guy. I’ll certainly report on how it rides and include a picture. Thanks for the positive comments and advice everyone.