EUC09 summer edition in France !!!

EUC09 summer edition arrive soon ! :smiley:

What : Extreme unicycle Championship 09 Summer Edition
the biggest Flat and Trial event this summer in europe.
the winter Edition we did in germany was realy cool and we hope the summer edition will be the same!

When : from friday 31 of July to Sunday 2nd of August 2009

Where : France - near paris. the “base de loisirs” of Buthiers is located in a wonderfull rocky forest, the paradise form natural trial ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Programme :
friday 31 : Trial and Flat workshop with the best riders
saturday 1st : Trial competition and flatland battles
sunday 2nd : high jump and long jump contest + podiums + demo

registration are open on,
come to join us !

here are advertisings for EUC09 summer editions :

view from the sky of the “Base de loisirs de Buthiers” :sunglasses:

sweet !!!
I will be there!! :):):slight_smile:
I will participate with the trial, flat,long and highjump competition :slight_smile: (can’t flatland very good:D)
and the place looks awesome :roll_eyes:

Hopefully I will make it…

Money is too short, so I only go if I get a sponsor for the airplane tickets in one week! It’s pretty possible :wink:

Yoggi, there’s a covered place for flat? cause if it rains how we would be?!

Pedro, it won’t rain - it’s not England!

I’ll be there, with a big prize draw for new subscribers too :slight_smile:

im going to sound really sad here but someone asked me if I was going to this while playing a game called farm town on facebook. I have no idea who either its really confused me. I cant go though :frowning: shame

Haha… I hope… but I must know that really well, cause I can’t travel 15 000KM to have my flat competition canceled due to bad weather :stuck_out_tongue:

I must consider renewing my subscription… I only have one issue left I think!


We will have a big commun room where we will have dinner
it is also the “plan B” solution if it is raining for the flatland competition
We don’t care for trial, if it is raining rocks will be wet for every competitors :slight_smile:

but Hopfully it will be very warm and sunshining there.
There is a swiming pool with waves in the base, they did 2000 ticket last week end because of the warm weather :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Haha cool :smiley: The pool sounds nice… and I’m presuming that we will have some cool partying like the winter edition :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully I will make it… I have euros to stay for the rest of july in europe, but not the airplane money… I must find some new sponsors in one week :stuck_out_tongue: hard work :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello everybody

it is last time to sign up for EUC on

you can still register at the convention without pre-registration on internet
but it would help to organise if you register now :slight_smile:

see you there!


So, anyone have results from trials and flatland?

Did Adrien bust a 1080 in the flat comp? Krisz and Elliot?

Joe Hodges and Márk Fábián own everyone in trials?

Okay I have some of the results. Not sure on them 100%.

Highjump: Joe Hodgers 131 cm


  1. Adrien & Krisz (tie?)
  2. Elliot
  3. Loic
    5-8. Luc, David, Mattias, Bence

Adiren failed to do a 1080 in the final for last trick; same with krisz for a hickquadflip.

Sick, Krisz keeping up with Adrien even with his mad spins

TRIAL RESULTS PLEASE!!! howd Kevin Wharton do at his first big international event?!?!

For high jump there was no real competition more like a high jump session where joe did the biggest jump with 129cm if I remember right (fabian mark did 129cm too but he used his hand).

The tie in flat was because one of the judges could not decide which rider he liked better so they both went on first place.

Elite trials was won by aleix lidon who finished all lines something like 4 minutes earlier then Joe, third place went to maxim who also finished all lines.

joe jumped 2 times 131 cm :):slight_smile:

2nd :stuck_out_tongue: in expert :wink:

does anybody know all flat results?

I know some of the final tricks done by Elliot and Loic (not sure if all were landed)
Seatwrap on tire
720 sidespin
630 unispin off tire
Late 720 unispin
900 Unispin


  1. Adrien & Krisz (tie?)
  2. Elliot
  3. Loic
    5-8. Luc, David, Mattias, Bence

1)rafhael pöham
2) Marcus Hahn
3) lorens pöham
4) max…

I think I spelt some names wrong…:stuck_out_tongue: