EUC Video Matti and Alex

Hey here is the video for the EUC Video Competiton with Matti and Me

Must say… I dig it. :slight_smile:

Didn’t like it, here why: Flat is boring to watch! (imo)

Otherwise, you are both really good.

ok ima let u finish, but i just gotta say that mike padial had the best flatland video of all time!!

haha +1. dont take it personally, u guys r really good, im just so freakin sick of flat videos


Agreed. Good skills :slight_smile:

Sounds like we have some people that need to put out some new street videos… Getting a little angry with flat.

I liked the video. It had a fun feeling to it. And the last clip everything in the picture was waving around, it made me feel like i was in the 60’s or something.

emile does often and im in the middle of filming. dont rush me :stuck_out_tongue: