EUC Final Flat Battle

Elliot versus Adrien

Elliot beat Adrien, the world champion.
Thibault got third.

Loic wasn’t there, so I am guessing Krisz or Luc got fourth. :thinking:

Krisz then Adiren
I think Cedrik Vincent got third.
Mark, Max, then Alex
Girl Trials:
Mary then Sophia
Girls Flat:
Mary then Sophia

From the French forums.

My prayers have been answered.

Nice 1080 Adrien :slight_smile: veeerrrry impressive.

As for Elliot, way to go man. I’m really stoked to see you do so well.

female street: 1. sophia 2. probably mary haha

and yes cedric did get 3rd in male street

Is elliots uni an Qu-ax ?

I heard mary didnt compete.


That was inteeeeense. Adrien tried harder tricks, fell, and paid the price I guess.

Love Elliots style

Krisz didn’t get fourth he wasn’t compete at Flat

WHAT?!?!!? Pure street?? I have a new fave rider :stuck_out_tongue:

Also… wtf consistant 1080!? So what? Adri will be busting random 1080s AND 900sides in battle now?

EDIT! WTF!!! DID … NO WAY… LOL!!! Elliot did a knee hop with no shin pads???

He was going to compete in flat but hurt himself warming up right before it started. Krisz definitely isn’t a pure street rider, he’s so good at flat.
Elliot is riding a k1 wheel with a ti nimbus frame, I think the Pohams just covered it with quax stickers because its funny.
Adrien consistently gets close to 1080s but the one he did in competition was the only one I saw him do the whole weekend.

That is right, I was one of the judges and it’s just what you said. :roll_eyes:

oh now where hav i seen that happen before? :stuck_out_tongue: haha

It only hurts when you are wearing shorts :stuck_out_tongue:

Krisz is the BEST at flat EVER!!! To bad both me and him got injured right before the flat competition, or else you’d seen some very cool tricks:P

Josef Sjönneby, JosefPosef at this forum placed fourth. He qualified as second/third together with elliot.

Guess if i am SO proud of him :smiley:

Nice of both of them! but is it only me or is the sound totally fucked!?

What tricks or how did you both get hurt?!?! That sucks!

I wanna see some street footage of Krisz!!!

I hurt my back on a fifthdouble, and i think Krisz hurt his ancle on a treytriple but i didnt see it :(, Bobousse also hurt his foot… Marcus Hahn hurt his arm…

you forgot Elias ;D… he hurt his knee…


Yeah! But this euc was AWESOME!!! not the flat comp though… Since everybody except adrien and elliot got injured