EUC-Brno by Steve

Watch this great video of EUC-Summer made by Steve:


Nice video.
Looks verry good at summer.

wow … that s unicycling.

Beautiful video :). The people at EUC are amazing, this vid shows it perfectly :D!

i wish i was there :frowning: i loved the vid - it captured the awesomeness that is EUC :smiley:

dont worry, we’re planning on holding an EUC sometime next year in melbourne. we probably wont have many people from europe coming but would be cool if they did! there should be most aussies and kiwis there at least

That was soooooooo good. Great video for all the people that went, relive all those awesome memories.

sick! i will definitely be going if its on :smiley:
i wish european riders could come too though, but it can’t be a win for everyone :wink:

I cant wait to go to a Unicycle gathering. Videos like this make me so jealous.
Great show though. Nice video of a bit more behind the riding.

well they CAN if they want, but its more like ‘if they can AFFORD it’. its called Extreme Unicycle Championships (not European like a few guys thought it was XD lol) so anyone can win if they register, turn up and compete.

btw awesome video!! forgot to comment before :stuck_out_tongue: watched a couple of times and favourited it