Essentials for a trials course

Hey, i’m planning on making a trials course at my house. it’s not gunna be a half-arse attempt i’m actually going to try to do it good (unusual for me). i’ve got a flat area about 8m x 17m. ( i dont have that area yet, i’ve got to go down there on the weekend with the excavator and cut it out of the side of a hill to make it flat ). i’ll be able to get all the pallets i want, and i’ve got all the equipment neccesary to make anything for it. what do you guys (or girls) think is essential for a good trials course.

i think i need at least one set of stairs, a grind rail, some pallet-towers and a few skinnys, but what have you guys found works best for a home trials course?


a combination of all those things in a way that allows lots of skill levels to ride and improve. also, lots of variable sized gaps.

just have a good bit of stuff you can’t do

just have a good bit of stuff you can’t do

Consider that some obstacles might be things you want to attack from multiple sides. Those need to be out in the middle. Others, if the same on both sides, can be around the edges.

haha…wait, you’re not kidding, are you?
you’ve got an excavator?
yes, well, on my trials course i put one of those triangular thingies, two skinnies side by side which can double as one of those double rail things you can put the wheel between and jump along, two pallet towers, a much longer skinny, a set of stairs, and a few small platforms, and a ramp.


put somthing original in it that nobody else has so it’s more unique. put somthing like say an escavator in it. not to many people have those;)

I think the most important thing is to make it fairly adjustable and modular. That way you can just move stacks of pallets or other things around as your skills improve.

gaps, 2*2 in posts sticking up in the air (if your extreme), skinnys some straight and some curved. also have some be round pipes and some be square pipes. stuff to jump on…(of course)

ya that 2X4 thing sounds cool i’m gonna do that. Make like a water pool thing to gap over.

For building instructions and ideas:

it’s good to put some irregularly-shaped objects into your course, too. if everything’s flat and square, then you won’t improve your natural trials skills any. put some logs / tree rounds in… make some of your skinnies off-camber (sloping side-to-side)… etc.

i’ll have to clear about 35 trees to make the flat spot :P.

i like th eideas so far, everything seems do-able,. with any luck it will improve my skills.

This is a list of things that i would find essential in a Trials course if i were to build one.

Skinnies: Some straight, some curved, some that slope up or down and some that are round.

Hops and Drops: All sorts of different hieghts of hops and drops. Make sure that there are some that you cant do that way you can work your way up.

Boulders and logs(Like maestro said): Odd shaped obstacles will add challenge to any line.

Techinical challenges: Gapping skinnies or gapping posts or both.

I would set it up in such a way so that you could attack any obstacle from almost any angle that way you wont run out of lines to do.

Anyways thats just my $0.02. Hope it helped


Why? I’ve helped setup the last three Trials courses at NAUCC and it don’t need to be flat! Use the forc-uh terrain, grasshopper!

You can used the terrain as part of the course and also to lead up to obstacles or to make an obstacle more challenging (hoping up to a sandwich board).

> Three sandwich boards of the same size, placed up the slope will double as different heights and will be different if started from the top or the bottom.
> If you level just a pallet stack, then you can hop from 3-4 different levels to the same stack.
> Snakes (bits of 2X4s in a wavy line) would be different, either on the up/down hill or across the slope.
> Some 2X4s just set across the slope and hop up and down from/to each (a possible replacement for sandwich boards, with less of a difficulty {psycho} factor).

For NAUCC 2004 at Soldier’s Field we used the amphitheater slopes to good effect and some of the rock gardens would have been different if they weren’t sloped.

Don’t think of the hill as something to get out of the way, think of it as part :astonished: :sunglasses: :smiley: of the course. Of course you may want to have a portion of your course set on level, but it don’t gotta be.

You might wanna get some chip board to put on top of the pallets so you don’t break them. Get some truck tires to put in somewhere. And maybe something moving, like a see-saw, or a swinging log would make it a bit more challenging.

me and owen (iridemymuni) have just spent the last few hours building the trials course. we are no where near done. we still need to get pallets which we will get some time this week. we have two flat areas, one is 3.5 metres higher than the other. we need some way of getting form one to the other. we are also making a pond in the middle which will be interesting. so far we have made a set of stairs a dirt ramp (for some reason) and a massive drop/ramp tihngy that isnt quite finished.

we have tonnes of chip board we can use. plus a couple of car tyres and we are planning on building a see-saw, we just dont know where to put it because we have limited room.

okay i’m here.

we just need to get loads of pallets and build up a level with pallets, and then make a pond to jump over and some other stuff. it should be pretty cool when it’s done, i aim to make the best trials/muni course in australia by the end of it

Get a old car to trial on.
It’s fun to do, but watch out when you go uni in town.
Then you want to jump on every car you’l see:p

Peter M