Epic Aerial: "Devil's Drone"

My NEW Aerial MUni Film! Went back to big favorite of mine and the SB Uni group. This was one of the uber technical trails ridden at this year’s Muni weekend. What makes this all-rock trail extra difficult to roll are the back-facing rock heads that hit you like a linebacker!

Big thanks to Max Rosenfeld for his amazing aerial and high speed filming!

Cool looking terrain, looks very unforgiving. So when you do a ride like that do you hike to the top then ride down?

Although the high def cameras pick up quite a bit of detail, nothing compares to being there and riding it! This trail is easily accessed from a dirt parking lot, and the rocky fun begins less than 1/8th of a mile down a short dirt trail. “Devil’s Slide” is less than 1/2 mile in length, but packs a punch that will wear you out with just one descent! But because of its multiple lines, it can be ridden many times over offering something new each time. The hike back up is thankfully fairly short, but steep.

Excellent footage. I see you eventually riding with multiple drones! :slight_smile: