Epic 45 mile Coker *and* Muni after!

Haha yeah! We started as a group of five riders this morning at 9am, including (Left to right below) Mark, Ryan, Terry, Tyler and Jeff, to ride our 36ers from the beginning of the path in Redondo to…? Well, after about 15 miles, Jeff & Mark decided to turn back and complete a 30 mile ride; which is a dang good distance.

Then Tyler and I decided we were going to go the complete 44.7 miles, so we pressed on, enjoying the perfect weather and the beautiful beach scenery! We had lost track of Ryan for a short while as he stopped to talk to some people, but we found him a bit later and he continued with us until his rendevous with his gf in Marina Del Rey, so he also logged aout 30 miles.

So it was down to me and Tyler to finish where we started, logging a solid 44.7 miles! We both felt pretty good after such a long ride, so I suggested a MUni ride afterward. He said, “sure, I’m up for it!” So we did, and capped the day off with a short but sweet MUni ride, overlooking Catalina, for a one-day total of nearly FIFTY miles!

We both high fived each other and commented how Jamey, Jim and a couple others really missed out on an EPIC double whammy Coker & MUni adventure! YES, we rocked it today!:D:):stuck_out_tongue:

MUni soon after our 45 mile coker ride!

Yeah, and we passed through Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan beach, Playa & Marina Del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica, and on to Will Rogers State beach, where the bike path ends at the 22.4 mile mark, then back! Awesome ride!:slight_smile:

that was a lot of fun. i am gonna go soak in my jacuzzi

Cool. I’ll be here!:slight_smile:

Dang you got home fast! Man I really need to get a Jacuzzi! :smiley:

Haha! Or I could just put my trials uni in the bathtub, and spin the pedals by hand (like and eggbeater) and make bubbles! Poor man’s jacuzzi! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I just realized you’re Vanpaun!..or “formerly”? Why’d ya change your username?

I’m green with envy that you get to ride those California beaches, so fine!

Great pictures, especially the colorful street scene.

Too fun ya’ll. Man, I gotta get a 36’er and go for some of those long rides. Sure would love to join you all someday!
Is the beach ride pretty flat and on paved path?
Enjoyed the pix and pizza. Also it is really nice to see the different ages.
A common bond and passion overrides all that doesn’t it.
Keep the trip reports coming…
Is that a 20" muni or am I getting some kinda optical illusion from looking at the 36’ers?..

Nope, both 24" KH MUnis. I loaned my orange one to Tyler for our impromptu MUni ride. I was the oldest in our group of five, and I think Mark is in his 40’s, then Ryan is likely in his 30’s, followed by Jeff who’s in his mid twenties and the Tyler who’s 14. So yeah we had a pretty wide range!

I’m glad I turned back to make it a 30 mile ride, still a personal record and I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.

A great ride.

great ride

My previous distance record for a day , about 10 miles.
Today about 31 miles! :slight_smile:
Tripple my record! :slight_smile:

Very tired, going to bed.

Great Job you guys! :smiley:

Wow definitely sounded like an epic ride, especially with the muni afterwards :astonished: I wish I could come ride with you some day, that would be cool :smiley:

I was really kinda shocked when I weight myself this morning! After that epic Coker & Muni ride, I fully expected to have LOST a couple pounds. But I was FOUR pounds heavier! I use a doctor’s scale and I keep it calibrated and had weight myself on the same scale before the rides, and I was 144. This morning I was 148!

Keep in mind this 45 mile 36er ride was not a walk in the park; we did lots of spurts hitting 15-16mph, some climbing, and just kept up a good consistent speed for the entire 45 miles, with only one real stop and that was for lunch. I had a slice of pizza and water.

Then the MUni came after and that was doubley hard given the 5+ hours of riding we had just finished. When I got home I had dinner, but nothing more than usual, and maybe even a little less since I was tired and ready to sleep. So my only guess for the mysterious weight gain, is WATER/FLUID retention. Does this make sense? :thinking:

Dang, wish I would have made it guys…sounds like a fun time. I was planning on coming but for some reason my alarm didnt’ go off and by the time I woke up it was already too late. Guess I’ll have to wait till next time. One of these times it’d be nice to get EVERYONE on a ride like that so we have like 15 Cokers! That’s be quite the sight to see!!

My alarm was set for 6:30 pm and i thought it was set for am but because i wake up everyday at 6:30 i woke up at 7 and was only like 10 minutes late

at least that.

WHo’s up for a 36er ride this saturday at Santa Ana river trail? I think it’s the same one me and jim did about a year ago, and it leads into Huntington beach. We did about 26 miles then and it was really great. From what I hear, upon completion, it will stretch for 110 miles from Huntington beach, into the San Bernardino mountains! :smiley:

i’d love to but i am going to scary farm the night before/morning of so i don’t know if i would awake enough to go. It looks like a great ride though.

I’m going too! "Knott"! :stuck_out_tongue: