entry level trials comparison

I was looking at entry level trials uni’s. I’ve got a 26 inch sun and i love it for getting around campus,(now that i put a KH seat on it) but i would like to get into trials style unicycling, which is difficult on a 26. The nimbus trials qu-ax(without the spindled hub) from unicycle.com cost about the same as the light duty bedford trials with a kh seat. I’ve read the reviews on the nimbus, but I was unable to find any on the bedford light duty trials. Does anyone have any suggestions, or know of any problems with any of these unicycles?


not matter what, wait until you have enough money to get a splined hub/cranks. it’s cheaper in the long run.

My friend got a torker dx, which is really cheap for having a splined hub at $200. It’s got a small tire though…

I’m gonna get a Qu-ax splined unicycle when they come back in stock. It looks like the best deal out there for a low cost trials. (Is it?)

Yes definently the Qu-Ax is the best cheap trials cycle. I got a nimbus trials a while ago thinking to myself, I pretty much suck this should do for now. But its amazing how fast you stop sucking when you get a trials unicycle and I destroyed it in about 3 weeks. Wish I would have gotten the Qu-Ax. Now I ride the Onza 24" Muni for trials and its beatiful. Get something splined, haha.

Edit: Oh yeah, and before some one mentions it / gets offended, yes the torker dx is also a viable option depending on what you want to do. But in my opinion the Qu-Ax is 200x better straight out of the box for trials (although it is more expensive).

i ordered one even though it was back ordered… i reserved one for myself :smiley: because i didn’t wanna wait until they were back in stock… they’re so popular they just sell teh instant they’re in stock.

i also just orderd the qu-ax trials and i hope its as good as everyone says they are also any one else see the reveiw of the 12,257 doller unicycle with the post im thinking of taking it off a 5 inch drop i dont know why but the argravates me

I have the quax since a half year and everything works fine. Its a little bit heavier than KH and koxx but the frame is (in my eyes) the same like Koxx, Nimbus and Bedford only the rim and hub is heavier.


peadlas and all still working fine i presume :thinking:

Yes. Dont wait, order now. If you wait, it will just continue to be out of stock. UDC told me they get a new shippment, then go right back out of stock.

The DX is nice, espesally if you dont have the money and dont mind the tire. I wouldnt pay over $165 for a DX, without shipping.

BUT, only time will tell the price of the NEW Torker DX trials. I hope it will be the next best splined trials under $300. Hopefully, maybe WAY under.

My LBS told me around 200 for it. Im gonna call again on monday to see what they have to say. They should be in stock real soon


they’ve said when they’ll be back in stock. its October 10th. then they ship them out to us on the waiting list and BAM. right back out they go. i wonder how long it’ll take them to get here…

i got an email saying mine would be here the 13th of oct and i live in oklahoma

they’re based in georgia, i think. so oklahoma would be about maybe 3 days shipping, if they ship it on the 10th.

i live in cali, so ah… it may take just a wee bit longer. like 7, maybe 10 days?

yea but the other shit i order wont get here tell then either witch is another ubicycle that is in stock the nimbus i orderd it to so i woudent haft to wait but yea that didnt work

Im going to buy the nimbus trials and the QU-Ax hub and cranks! Strong, Cheap, some what costum, its the bes!