Entering the world of giraffes...minimum inseams?

For reference, I’m about 5’6 (inseam is 29). I was originally worried I would not be able to comfortable ride a 36, but with enough of the seat post sawed off, I’m finding it pretty comfortable. I’m now looking into giraffe unis, and specifically had my eye on this one:

I like the fact that it comes in pieces for transportation, because I only have a sedan and I’m not sure how I would get a 6’ monstrosity around with me. However, I notice that the minimum inseam for this uni is 32 according to the description. I would assume that that means at its lowest seating, you’d have to have an inseam of at least 32 to reach the pedals comfortably, correct? I suppose the telescoping parts of the frame could be sawed to make it fit, but I’m not positive.

If anyone has any info about this giraffe, or any other advice, thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

It should be no problem to cut the middle section just like you cut your seatposts.

One thing that you can do to decrease minimum inseam is put a slim saddle on it. An Impact or KH slim should give you another inch or so of room. On an ordinary unicycle you could also use shorter cranks but with a giraffe the cranks are specific because of the gear on one side. There also might be a different set of pedals that you could put on it with thicker platforms to decrease minimum inseam.

You probably could cut the frame down some as well but it might be a bit more complicated than on a regular unicycle since giraffe frames sometimes only have a small part at the top where the tube is small enough for a seatpost.

Based on the pic of the Nimbus Convertible Uni, it looks like the frame is three separate pieces. I would think that the best piece to saw would be the section right above the pedals, because it looks like the seat is already in as far as it will go…don’t know for sure because I’ve never seen one of these in person.

I don’t think you need to cut it. You can buy shorter sections to replace the top piece making the minimum inseam significantly shorter.

Here is a link to a very similar thread: inseam length required on nimbus convertible giraffe

Perfect, thank you! I’m assuming you got the smaller section then? How does it work out? Did they substitute it at UDC for you?

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I didn’t actually end up getting the unicycle. I saved up for a mandolin instead. :roll_eyes: eventually I want to get one though.

A good investment also! I have one myself.