Engaged on a muni ride

Last friday I asked Louise (RTL Team Venus) to marry me at the top of the trail on our group muni ride. The prior night I had rode the trail and painted over the graffiti on one of the water towers.

She said yes, of course :slight_smile:

Now we can produce super-unicycling children to compete with Andy and Irene’s. (kidding…of course).




Wow, congrats! Good idea as well. I hope to see a unicycle themed wedding on the next episode of ‘Weird Weddings’.


Well that’s a very unique engagement. Congrats.

Pun intended?! :stuck_out_tongue:


thats a great way to propose! congrats!

Is that on MT. Tam ?

Congrats to both of you! I’m really happy for you.

Btw, did you know that my brother is marrying Andy and Irene? Yes, he’s serving as their officiant! He just got the official papers in the mail on Friday. I wonder if that’s ever happened before.

Anyway, you’re right about three being some really outstanding uni’ists in the not too distant future!


To Corbin and Louise,
I am so happy for you both. I’m glad I got to know both of you better during RTL. That’s one of the best proposals I’ve seen. When’s the wedding? :slight_smile:



very cool ! congrats :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Dude, you got style!!

Congrats, to you and Louise. That’s the way to do it.

Wonderful wishes:)

See guys and gals - there was a reason to expand that great big deck on the house. We thought it was so he could host big Unicycle gatherings, but nooooooo, it was for a level surface to teach the kiddies how to uni.:wink:

Ride On!

Way to go you guys…that is just amazing news!

Congratulations to both of you. Time to put on those red suits of yours and go celebrate.


Woooo Goooo Cooorbin!


Thats awesome! Great picture to.

I wish you two best of luck and hopefully I will see you guys again in the future.

Man that would have been an awkward ride if she said no…

Good thing she didn’t! Congrats!

Congrats guys! Awesome news! :slight_smile:


Clears eyes

That was beautiful!

Congratulations you two!

+1 :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

We’ve been talking about having a treehouse-wedding in our yard, with muni rides the day before. Now, we just have to do some landscaping and build a treehouse :slight_smile: