i can ride my uni for a fairly good distance, but i get so tired after a little while. anybody have any ways that i can build up my endurance?

ride more, run more, swim more, jog more, play sports more, b*ke more…

sorry if it sounds sarcastic but it is the best advice I can give you.

lots of practicing. What specifically gets tired? Do any certain parts of your body hurt or ache more than others? Also, what size wheel, size cranks and type of terrain are you riding?

I wrote a tutorial on distance riding this summer after putting on a stupid number of miles in a week. You might find it helpful: Riding Long Distance

More weight on the saddle, less weight going onto the pedals. You wont exhaust your legs this way.

A lot of people when starting out tend to almost be standing on the pedals when riding, and that will make your legs go out pretty quick.

I would say keep riding, and try to get fitter by doing other sports alongside your unicycling.

I cycle a mountain bike with friends in a group each week, go to circuit training once a week, and go running as well to keep fit.

By doing a few sports you get a good level of fitness, your fitness will not be specific to one sport, and you will keep your interest levels up as well.

Try a few things and see what works for you.

I tried a few different sports as I was growing up, and I have ended up with a few sports that I really enjoy, and they are sports that keep me with a good level of fitness.


Do more of what ever you can

Take a walk during lunch hour or after supper.

Cycle when ever the opportunity presents itself

Commute to work on unicycle if possible.

Play extra sports.

Endurance is primarily in the mind, assuming you are reasonably physically fit. The average western diet gives you more calories than you need. A unicycle is very low geared, compared to a bicycle, and on the flat at a steady speed, should not put any significant load on your muscles. It’s your head that lets you down.

The thing to do is to “manage” your mind. Overdo the distance and you will demoralise yourself. Stay in the comfort zone and you will never improve.

Saddle time = distance. It’s nothing to do with maximum speed. It’s time that gets you there. Sit on it for long enough and you will arrive. I speak as someone who once did 550 miles in a day on a 250cc two stroke motorcycle. In the rain. And as you do more saddle time on a unicycle, your average riding speed will tend to increase. It will become “natural”. You will “own” the unicycle.

So ride steadily and smoothly for a set time. How long can you manage now without a dismount? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? An hour?

Don’t aim for speed, aim for smooth - brisk, but not too fast - and don’t be tempted to stop. Stopping breaks your rhythm. Rhythm is good for endurance.

Ride for chunks of time. 15 minutes, or half an hour, or more. Aim to reach a given landmark before you dismount. Then break the distance down in your mind, ticking off smaller landmarks as you go.

Be prepared to ride until it starts to hurt. But don’t ride until the pain is unbearable.

One of my unis has a skinny tyre which I typically run at about 120 - 130 psi. The seat is a Miyata with no air cushion or extra padding. It has no handle, other than the standard plastic combined bumper handle. I have often ridden this unpromising machine for an hour without a dismount, and have done well over 2 hours without a dismount once. 10 miles non stop is fairly easy; 20 miles non stop is hard. But it can be done.

No one ever improved by sitting around thinking about it.

I would first ask how old you are. Then I would ask if oyu have your seat adjusted properly. If it is too low you are going to wear yourself out with any distance.

I do near to 30 km every week to work and eachtime i do i take roads with more hills…after a few weeks i noticed that they get easyer to ride up and also i can now run further than what i could before riding a unicycle…and remember endurance can be done in just about any sport…you could just hop onto a stationary workout bike…When i ride around the streets i ride for around 1.5-2 hours at a time…and if it starts to hurt just keep riding and slow down if you have to …

my upper legs hurt. i use a 20’’ wheel and ride on just the street. i’m not that good yet. i just started a few days ago, but i am actually doing pretty good for a guy who has only had it for about three days. i can ride a whole block before i get really tired out, but that is probly nothing compared to you guys.

Having ridden for only three days and having sore upper legs or thighs indicates that Jerrick is probably right. Get that weight onto the saddle and think about raising the saddle some. Riding a block on a 20" after three days practice is nothing to sneeze at. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

When I first started I’d ride 100m up the road and be sore for several days. When you first start almost all your effort is in trying to keep your balance.

Harper is right about getting your weight on the saddle initially. It helps with balance, which is what is taking up all your effort at the moment.

Once you’re comfortable however, the objective should be to shift some of that weight onto your pedals and handle. I’m always standing up off the pedals and shifting my weight around. I also have a lot of my weight on the handle. But anyway, get the balance bit nailed first, before getting your weight off the saddle.

you’re doing fairly well in that case. I remember when I started riding (I learned on a 20" for one day and then moved up to a nimbus 29") that riding the 2 miles to campus from my apartment would give me horrible leg cramps and foot pain…now I do it like its cake (the cake is a lie btw)…anyway, all jokes aside, Once you get comfortable and confident in riding your 20" around I’d upgrade that wheel size if you plan on going long distances. The Nimbus 29" ISIS is a good strong uni for its price. How far do you plan on going when you say “far”?

Just keep riding.

If you’re just starting out, you’re probably very inefficient. As you progress, you’ll not only get stronger, but your energy will start to channel into going forward more instead if just trying to keep from falling.

Have you tried energy sport drinks like this??? Cause that’s what builds my endurance up. Also what saskatchewanian said works as well. :smiley:

I always chase Gatorade with water, never drink only gatorade.