Endless summer

Sunshine, too hot to ride with a shirt, beautiful sand beach with clear lapping ocean water, mountain skyline, and a summer’s worth of incredible built up log trials lines stretching for kilometres, 5 minutes from my place. I can’t believe it’s October and still like this in Vancouver. Just wanted to share about my morning. Awesome!!


how unfair! It’s cold here in Peoria! :frowning:

And I woke up to -8 and 4" of snow.

Just got back from BC myself. Spent a few days in Squamish, beautiful town and beautiful weather.

Make the most of that late summer, you never know how long it is going to last.

I think winter is probably the only time of year i am glad I live down south. I really don’t like snow and super cold weather.

its been getting really cold here in chicago. It might freeze tonight.

Right on Kris! Sounds like you’re experiencing some Florida weather, haha.

Forrest knows about that florida weahter!

Sledding with a hot cocoa chaser and two pink cheeked kids is the best way to describe our morning in Longmont, Colorado.

It’s too hot.
It’s hotter here than it’s been all summer due to the lack of a breeze.
Big winter storms in the Pacific Ocean are making their way to the Mainland and is sucking all our air. But on the bright side, it’s making big waves.

The weather is turning awesome here in Arizona.

I feel very much that way here too. Its been awesome weather this year. Nice to have a late summer every once and a while :slight_smile:

Yep, today was a perfect day in BC. It was 10º, sunny, and a light breeze.:smiley: Perfect temperature for riding.:D:D And it’s Thanksgiving, so three days of no school, just to ride:D:D:D

We’ve got about 5 degrees below freezing with trace amounts of snow and low hanging fog/clouds in Colorado. It was a great day for a steep road climb with a screaming descent of Lookout Mountain in Golden on my KH/Schlumpf 36er. I love climbing instensely without sweating. It’s exciting to finally feel winter in the air and the crunchy, icy spots juat kept it interesting.


Winter is the longest season. You can’t just set it aside as “the only time of year” like that.

True that!