end of season 14

one morning hiking, riding and filming with Valentin, one hour editing and here it is, my latest vid :slight_smile:


That was pretty funny at 2:12-2:31. I looked like he didn’t think that it would keep rolling. :slight_smile: Hopefully that didn’t ruin his trip.

no not at all :slight_smile:
valentin rides without a brake (less to break) and a fiberglas seatbase and a reforced quax seatpost… he’s muni was still ok :slight_smile:

Awesome as usual. :astonished: I’ll show my boys in a little bit. Hopefully that will get them thinking about muni again. Thanks for taking the time to film and post.

Another great video turtle :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing these with us.


Sometimes your vids can be a little drawn out, but this one ONLY had the best bits :smiley:

Very cool video. Seeing the unicycle fly down the hill surprised me. The hill didn’t look that steep.