End of Christmas Break

My end of Christmas break video


So sick. like, seriously… awesome… :astonished:

That was amazing. You’re really good. That treyflip down the 3-set was nice. The 360 hopspin down the 3-set was really smooth. And that crankflip down the 5.


Awesome vid, 3 stair trey flip was really cool. Did you guys build that stairset? I want one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see me at :58! :sunglasses:

yeah me and my dad built it in about 4 hours its awesome

No snow, lucky!

Really good video. The treflip over the 3 set was super clean.


lol yeah i know we only had like 1 snow storm

haha. I was watching your video while listening to Good Life by Shadowville Productions. If you start them at the same time, your riding fits the song…perfectly.

That was very nice indeed.

really cool video , i like your street style:D
is it a fifthflip at 0:50 :astonished: ???

Nice video! Really liked the trey flip!

Very nice. :slight_smile:

nope, it’s a treyflip

I like thet treys off the set…

Its funny how you just run in front of the camera and then back to where you were standing

that was insane

I thought we were taking turns, and it was my turn to bust out some flat. But he yelled at me :angry: so i went back to where I was standing:p

hahaha i didnt yell at you…maybe a little

hahaha i didnt yell at you…maybe a little :stuck_out_tongue: