Encounter with a inebriated man

Hi all. Been a while.
I just finished talking to my son in Soldotna, Alaska. He bought a 24" Toker LX and was riding it around the block in the subdivision where he lives. This was around 9:30pm a night or two ago. As you know, it is “black” outside at that time of night.
Any way, he went around a corner and saw a man stumbling around on the sidewalk/edge of the road. As Tim (my son) rode by him, the man looked up and said, “I can barely stand on my own two feet let alone trying to ride one of them things”. Tim just said “hey, it’s easy” and went on by. About that time, he about UPD thinking about the man and his actions.

As for me, I have been off my unicycles for about 2 weeks, but hope to start riding again tomorrow (if it doesn’t rain a lot). I had 2 flats from thorns and between weather and other things, I haven’t been out much at all. My sister-in-law is supposed to send me a pic she took of me on my 20" in front of my car. Hopefully, I can at least get it and post it to show the world “oldfatboy” .

Hope you all have a nice day :slight_smile:

you should get a thorn resistant tube, it’s a lot thicker and thorns will not pierce it. I have one on my older unicycle, it’s a bit tricky to put on the rim at first but it helps.

I had an encounter with a rather drunk man once, I was on my 29er, just getting ready to head out along the prom. He insisted on telling me that he had not achieved anything in his life since he could do some trick on his bike as a kid.

Looking forward to seeing your pic.


Thanks carsonpalooza, I will look for one. I thought I would have to buy a new tyre.
cathwood, I assumed it would have been emailed to me already. It was only 2 weeks ago! :wink:
Guess a phone call is in order this evening.

just fyi, if you’re not looking for any tire in particular, and any old tire will do, you should just pop into the local bike shop, they’ll sell you something really cheap that will definitely suit your needs well, not being too extreme and all.

That is of course assuming that your old tire is really ripped up.

Also, there’s a pretty awesome drunk/crazy guy in defect. heheh.