EMUnicyclists Big Wheel Hockey

In case anyone is interested and isn’t on the EMUnicyclists list, this week is Big Wheel Hockey Week at East Midlands Unicyclists.

Tuesday (1st November), 8 o’clock, Darley Fields, Derby (UK).

Hockey, played on unicycles with big wheels. It’s all in the name really.

We’ve got at least 3 cokers coming, and several 29ers. Bring the biggest wheel you can ride and a stick if you’ve got one (we have spare sticks if not).

I’m riding a coker with 110 cranks, I’m not sure this is the ultimate hockey vehicle, but I can’t be bothered with changing cranks around and anyway I want to have the biggest wheel there.


Does having 110mm cranks make the wheel bigger? :roll_eyes:

It makes your viritual *enis bigger! :smiley:

Not to mention your stopping distance.

Is it co-incidence that some has started a ‘worst ever unicycling injury’ thread on the same day as this fabulous event? I don’t really have anything interesting at the moment, but my imagination has been working hard on permutations of 3 cokers, 2 with short cranks, with riders holding sticks and paying more attention to the ball than other riders.


I put long cranks (150’s) on my Coker at Saturday’s unimeet and had a practice with a hockey stick in preparation for tonight. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be but it’s by no means easy. I think Andy’s bringing his camera so hopefully we’ll get some good video :astonished:

See you later :smiley:

Oh yes please!

well heres a photo from the great evenings hockey…

i’ll try and get the video footage edited, and uploaded ASAP

andy (front row, looking like jesus)

Another fantastic nights hockey with a difference and only a slight pain in my ankle from a multiple pile up :astonished: (one of several pile ups)

We ended up with 3 x 36’s, 3 x 29’s, 2 x 24’s (Muni’s) and 2 x 20’s. I do think though that smaller wheels are more practical if somewhat slower (it’s fun cruising past a 20 on a 36 ‘till you have to stop).

Looking forward to seeing some video footage.

Did any of the Cokers have brakes fitted?
The one in the left of the pic seems to have. I’m curious to find out if that made it a bit easier.

might as well introduce you to the team too.
on the far left is Unicus (coker (and yes he did have a brake but only used it once to stop himself running into the fence))
Back row from left to right
Roland (29"),
Sarah (20"),
Joe Marshall (Coker),
Roger Light (29"),
Lawrence (20"),
John Himsworth (Coker),
Front row from left to right
Will (24", Unicus’ son),
James Prince (29") with extra photo editing to comply with an ongoing EMU joke)),
Andy (24" (Me))

Thanx. It’s always nice to put some faces to the names.