EMu 3- London (UK) trials spectacular 22 March

Just as a reminder to all that might have forgotten

22 March - No time machines needed

Meet at 10 am - Waterloo station - by the eurostar for fun and frolics along the south bank

Bring 20’s if you’ve got em or anything else if you havn’t

If you’re late and can’t find us my mobile number is:

(07 94 74 66 623)

See you there


They have a London in the UK now ?!?

will wonders never cease!

The train tickets are ready and waiting. GNER permitting, I’ll be getting to Kings Cross at half past nine; if you see someone wandering around lost with a unicycle and a London A-Z that’ll be me… :slight_smile:

<goes off to find out where on earth Waterloo station is>


If you’re coming from Kings X to Waterloo, either catch the tube from Kings X (Victoria line), change at Oxford Circus for Bakerloo line to Waterloo, or use the A-Z and ride it down upper woburn place ->tavistock place ->holborn station -> kingsway -> aldwych, across waterloo bridge and then to the station. Isn’t terribly far, about 3 or 4 km.

By the way, just checked and low tide is 11:06, so first place we’re riding is South Bank beach or I’ll sulk. I’ve got a bit of a challenge for everyone and the beach is only gonna be pretty wide till 12:30 or so.


Re: EMu 3- London (UK) trials spectacular 22 March

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003 17:36:46 -0600, Sofa
<Sofa.kgldb@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote:

>They have a London in the UK now ?!?

Not only that, it’s BIGGER than the one in Ontario!

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So I’m supposed to be on a train at WHAT time in the morning? Cor.


well come down later if you like

I intend to be hanging around for most of the day