Elsbet 24: 16th to 21st of may 2024

And one more question:
Can anybody recommend a rucksack model which is especially good for attaching a 24" Muni?
I need a new 30-40l rucksack anyway.

we are a family friendly event, some of the staff will also bring the the familiy. as you mentioned you will sleep in a dormitory… not very family friendly. It is included in the fee, and if it’s fine for your family it is ok.
otherwise there is a hotel across the street (belongs the same owner as our place to stay:
There are lots of activities nearby for non unicyclists (Indoor pool, lake, mountains, mountain lakes, chairlifts, cablecars…)

You don’t have to wait for the approval, we will take everyone who pays and send a letter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Rucksack: it’s not really needed for the elsbet, last time we had no rides which you would need it.
But maybe you find a good rucksack for skitouring, those have usually possibilities to attach skis or a snowboard to it (with straps), this works also for unis


we have already four registrations and the best: from four different countries and all will pay the solidarity fee for the unicycle academy GKB in Lagos/Nigeria. Big Thanks!


Thank you for the answers!
How much would be my registration fee if I stay at annother room with my family?

its 70 euros less (if you just don’t sleep at our place, but you eat with us) also you family can eat with us (payment for that we can figure out at the event)

This One is also a good one: Evoc FR Tour E-Ride 30 Rucksack kaufen | Bergzeit

Many Unicyclits used this Backpack for riding. I think it’s a good one. Nomaly I have two Backpacks with me, One for clothing, Protection, Sleeping pack and the other one for day trips but also a 20-24 L Backpack. I hope the next Elsbet will be good, my first Elsbet was in 2018 and it was amazing, 2022 I can’t stay there but the pictures looks like the people had a lot of fun on this Elsbet.

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UPDATE: already 40 registrations from seven different countries :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


UPDATE: 50 Registrations from 9 different countries

Youngest participant: not born yet, will be 3 months at elsbet
Oldest rider: 75 years

You are awsome :heart_eyes:


That’s crazy.

Craziness! Already at the beginning of February, a good half of the places are filled! We already have 58 registrations, and there are almost 75 years between the youngest participant (non rider) and the oldest. We have many families taking part and riders from 9 different countries.
If you wanna be part of the 10th elsbet, you better be quick!

Will we have riders from overseas?

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