Elias Pöham - September 2009

Hey guys,
here is my new video!:smiley:

Url:: http://www.unicycle.tv/video/955-EliasPham2009
Video:: http://videos.unicycle.tv/955.eliaspham2009.mov

I hope you enjoy !
pls. drop a comment !

  • Elias

nice video with some really good clips
liked the 360 with half flip;) and the wrap walk to back wrap walk to sidejump

wow great vid!!! :astonished: :):slight_smile:
awesome trial lines + amazing street combo’s/tricks !!! :):slight_smile:

this is one of my facvourite videos ever!!! amazing riding…amazing filming…amazing editing…over all pretty amazing!

can you post it please on vimeo

just download the complete video or download a quicktimeplayer :wink: it’s free:D

That was awesome. You have a cool style and I like how you ride street, trials and flat. Raphael did a good job with the filming and editing too, the skateboard shots looked good.

ok thanks


cool video! sick treydoubleback :astonished: :astonished: but when i watch the video i always have to think of the snowboard video:o:D

(i knew that you are just kidding :wink: )

I really enjoyed it! The camerawork and the editing fit perfectly with the excellent riding! Great work on this guys, keep it up!

your video is amazing! i like :wink:

Flash and WMV is also online now, you can download it here:

We are actualy update the video frontend on utv and then the new clips also come from another server, I hope that improoves also Emile’s situation a lot.
We will be able to stream HD mov files then and mp4 stuff.

Vimeo upload of this really good video comes for sure also soon.

I could only watch like 2 minutes of it, but from what I saw, this video owns in every way possible.

That was really awesome! I loved the creative riding and editing.

This vid blew my mind! :astonished: Keep it up.

That was really good Elias! The trey double back, the grinds, and the first flatland combo were amazing :astonished: . Your style is very clean and so was Rahpi’s editing. Good job :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Finally a solo Elias vid!

Dude… the creative flat was awesome. Loved the footplant over the wall, that was so sick. Really nice style.

Nice job Raph on filming and editing. Song choice was good too.

wow, that’s one of my favs now. riding, filming, editing, music were awesome. I’m jealous of that trials course!

wow. that was great.