Element trials

heres a trial video of me an two friends… please comment on it!!!

Element Trials

thats cool, riding on that wall next to the river is awesome, i wouldnt even walk that lol!! i think it was a bit long though but still great:D

you know I like your freestyle-skills, but I’m impressed you are so good at trials.
But I missed Rolle’s weird but cool lokking roling hops.

I enjoid it.
Didn’t expect it to be good, but it was good.
Good job guys.
The last rolling hop bail looked so painful, hows his back?

Peter M

his back is ok… it didnt hurt that much it looks like :wink:

@eremit: a video with his his rolling hop will come soon^^

by the way: here’s a freestyle video of mine: http://einrad.tv/video/501-freestyledemo