Electric unicycle racing?


Awesome :love_you_gesture:

Luckily you don’t have to go to a whole different forum. On this forum we also have a thread for Electric Unicycles. The video looks quite cool. Pity the guy who nearly lost his balance didn’t fly out of the bent. Would have been fun to watch.

I think you mean “acoustic” :stuck_out_tongue:


Wasn’t it Analog :smiley:

Also isn’t “slow” something subjective. There must be some on here that can outrun an electrical uni with a 36".

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I doubt it. Some of the electric unicycles out there have ridiculous top speeds. They’re pushing 50 mph.

you’d have to be crazy riding that fast on something so unstable.

I am not going to repost it here because it is terrible to watch and I didn’t even know myself what I would see when I stumbled across the video, but I saw a crash with one of these high speed ones a couple days back, from a post on twitter.

He is going along all smiles, zero safety equipment, drinking from what looks to be a glass bottle, matching the speed of a car who is filming him. Then he hits some unexpected bump. I switched it off as soon as a could. Truly, truly awful.

Personally I would not want to go a lot faster than I can cycle. I am quite happy with this natural limitation. Although I sometimes wonder if the only real thing stopping me from being a bit faster on the 36" is fear factor.

If I want to go faster I am gonna use something more stable like a bike or even a kick scooter.

Yeah I think if we all had been speed junkies, we wouldn’t be on this website. Two-wheels is more stable and faster than one-wheel and naturally with electric help, you’d be even faster. But even if I had an EUC, I would just use it to go small trips or for commuting. I doubt you can brake fast enough either if a car or a kid crosses the street in front of you.
I already experienced crashing into my own kid with my 26", because she saw something and stopped dead in front of me, while I was looking another way. I flew right over her. Luckily the seat didn’t hammer in her head.

I mean, yeah they do not real appeal to me but I do understand this use case. They are small and compact compared other “micro mobility solutions”. Limited to a sensible speed, I get it. I don’t feel the need for one myself but I get it. :wink:

I really hate walking and running, so anything that can push me to where I want to go I want to try out. Unfortunately most electrical toys are illegal here. Even though I said I don’t like running, today I received my kangoo jumps, which I will try this avo. Last time I went running, my knees played up and then I found these. Hopefully they will make me run a bit faster too and if not, they look fun to play with.


How high do you think you could hop your unicycle wearing those? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That was one of my first thoughts too. :smiley: I’d prolly have to put the seatpost up as well. I might just bounce right off and keep bouncing away into the sunset.