Electric (self balancing) unicycles

I like the one where the rider sit inside a big wheel.

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Those, in English, are often called monocycles. But wikipedia tells me I should avoid that term and use monowheel because they get confused with “normal” EUCs. I would also personally be concerned with it clashing with the French word for unicycle, e.g.:


But yeah, those “things” (whatever you want to call them), look like great fun!

Try not to UPD, though… :wink:

Perhps ask new forum member @shown what he thinks of his SuperRide S800 EUC? :wink:




:thinking: Hmm… I doubted you but maybe you were onto something? :rofl:

And what the heck does that hand lever do???

It does seem like they should substitute a seat for the retractable handle. A seat could function as both a handle and a place to sit.

do the the feet-rests function as a standard? So you’ll constantly be scraping the floor until ur stuck against a rock/traffic bump and make a face-plant. The further you extend the steer, the closer you will be to the floor. Maybe anyone of yous can take a video on it and show me.

You can find videos easy enough. This is the first one I found on a quick search. Interestingly he says it is the first ever electric unicycle, which is clearly not true. But hey, it gives you an idea of how it works:

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Here is a better video of a different (but somewhat similar) product

you never know with some of them if they’ve been photoshopped or not. This one looked a bit funny.

Whenever I see a load of these I’m reminded of how easy it is to seemingly manufacture anything on a whim in China. Just pop down the road to a factory making self balancing unicycles and tell them you want a fat wheel, handlebars and a seat and they’ll probably make you a prototype in a week or two.
If they don’t make seats or bars in house, they’ll just pop over the road to find someone who does.

Yeah and these days such items from China can even be a top quality stuff, if you choose well from someone with a good QC procedure.

Heh, I just realised that the existence of electric unicycles is the answer to the age-old question of “when will Strava add a unicycling activity?” If they did then we would spend all our time complaining that it was being polluted by electric unicycling :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t imagine anyone with an electric unicycle wanting to track it on Strava, but maybe they do!

So as it turns out, there are great EUC app(s)…
Like EUC World https://euc.world/

One cool thing about EUCs is many make a decently rich set of telemetry data available (trip/total miles, battery%, speed, amperage, wattage, fore/aft tilt, side tilt, etc), and an app can pair that with GPS data from a cell phone, estimate remaining mileage on the battery, compare your stats to others with the same model, etc.
Lots of stuff to geek out on!

I bought a Future Motion Onewheel in 2020 for something to do and it was amazing fun. It was a snowboard style ride and a great way to spend time doing something different.
Unfortunately, I kept coming off it and UPDing, but unlike when I’m on my 26" Muni or 29"er I was going faster and ultimately ended up with more injuries than I ever had in 15 years of unicycle riding.
I’d recommend everyone having a go on one, and who know I may go back to having another in the future, but it wouldn’t ever replace my true uni.

Id love to play around on one, but they’re very expensive. I wouldnt feel at easy riding one on public roads. You never know once the police decides to fine you for it.
Come to think about it, when I see a real unicycle for the same price, it doesnt feel like very expensive.

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Yep I know what you mean. I used to ride it on cycle paths and pavements mostly, but did venture on to the road on quiet back streets etc. I know it is illegal to ride them anywhere but private land but never had a problem with the old bill. (Police)
Same as anything else really, if you’re not being a dick people will leave you alone.
I do miss it but I don’t miss the fractured fingers, damaged shoulder and road rash…
Although saying that I came off my 26" Muni and banged up my ribs properly in April so maybe it’s just me!!