Eeek!! Help Please!!!

so all of the sudden my teacher just randomly tells my class, “we are having a core (in case you dont know, a core is what the teachers are seperated into so if i am in one core i cant have a teacher in another core. there is core A, B, and C) talent show on FRIDAY”!!! :astonished: all of my friends want me to unicycle and one of my teachers!! i need a routine and i dont have a big space!!! what do i do??? just tell me anything and i will tell you if i can do it or not but not anything too hard please!!! thank you sooo much.

i know i asked before but now i need a quick routine sorry.

please??? it doesnt have to be a long one. anything would be greatly appreciated!!! please please please??

How good are you? You could just idle, wheelwalk, 1 footed idle, ride seat in front, seat in back, and do these backwards if your that advanced. If u are really good you could do unispins, crankflip, etc.

Hope i helped

jumping over people is always a crowd pleaser, if you have a giraffe, do something on that, and people also find a suicide mount amazing :smiley: then just add your own stuff as well

hope this helps

Make something that flows. A one minute session would be fine. You just gotta make sure that you smile, and show that you are having fun. That really helps to please the crowd.

Wheel walking. One footing. Idling. If you can do a kick up mount thats always fun.
Simple tricks are usually the ones that win a crowd over. Things that they can understand, and actually see whats happening. If you do a unispin, a 180 works. Anything more than that, and the crowd doesnt understand… Crankflips, hardly worth the try, almost nobody understands those… I also think it can be useful if you do a purposeful fall off the unicycle, just to do a second mount that is pretty sweet.

So, like I said. Just make a quick batch of tricks, and practice doing them one after the other. Flow really helps, and so does looking happy… If its looks like you are impressing yourself, it will impress other people too.

Just don’t look like you are in too much control. Someone who might fall at any second is much more exciting to watch than someone who is in perfect control.

If you can do it jump off the stage and ride away at the end.

Here’s a simple one if you are looking at short and your skills are like mine - limited.

Unicycle on stage.

You walk out, notice it. Look quizzical. Wander around looking at/exploring it.

Try a few things in a confused fashion but don’t actually get on it. Like bounce it up and down. Drop it. Try and use it as a ladder. Try and use it as a seat. Try and sit on the wheelm arse-up.

Eventually, and after ensuring it is set, do a kick-up type mount. Some other less ambitious mount is you can’t.

Continuing with the theme of curiousity and discovery, do a few skills such as idling, reversing, twisting, Esses - all the time making it a case of discovering what to do with this strange thing. Whatever you are comfortable with. Possibly at this time you might acknowledge the presence of the audience, without actually talking to them - sort of get them to feel like they are part of your discovery, and therefore willing you to nail whatever it is you are trying. (Street artists use the trick of modest initial failure to get the crowd to will them to suceed.)

Finish, along the line of an earlier post, with a drop off the stage, or just ride down the aisle and out of the hall/room/space. Whatever the space and your abilities allow.

I think you should be able to work in whatever awesome or modest skills you have. It doesn’t need world beating tricks.

Good luck.

its tomorrow! thanks for the tips everyone!

Good luck and tell us how it goes. :slight_smile:

So U Is F, How did it go?? Any pictures?

Yeah we need an update on how you did… I want some news!!

i did great. i kept it simple just rode around and idled but that is also because i had a long but very skinny area that i had no traction on at all. so many people wanted to try it though my guy teacher did and i let some of my friends (all of which failed terribly lol) but some did o.k. but it was fun and i did good over-all.

Good job!

Beuaty, not so scary after all.

Let’s face it, to most people unicycling is cool and is impossible. I describe it as being on a pogo stick that has a ball bearing on the end.

And if they don’t think so, thirty seconds after trying, they do.

Well done.