Edinburgh, Scotland riders?

Hello, wondering if there are any active riders in Edinburgh, Scotland? I’m mostly into muni myself, I like riding steep rocky/challenging tracks… but anything on a unicycle is fun :slight_smile: Anyone up for some riding?

search for the voodoounicyclists

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cheers jogi

Hello ‘wheee’
I live in Edinburgh and do as much Muni as I can. The Glentress 7 Stanes tracks in Peebles are good, as well as tracks up in the Pentland Hills. There is even Arthur’s Seat to throw into the mix as well as all the canal paths and routes out to the Firth of Forth.

You can see the sort of routes I ride on Strava - search for ‘Nevil (Unicycle)’. I typically ride 2 hour / 20km routes, but have done some 3 hour and 5 hour rides participating in Scottish Mountain Bike Orienteering events on my 26" Guni. I just aim to beat at least one person who’s riding on a b*ke!

I’ve also done the 47 mile Pedal for Scotland in 2014, 100 miles in under 24 hours with JUST back in 2014, and was one of the riders on the Unipal Tour of the Himalayas in 2015 (search on You Tube for ‘unicycle nepal’)

So, if this sort of riding interests you, then please get back in touch and we can set things up to meet. I am sure there is a ‘direct mailing’ option in this forum somewhere, to keep private contact details out of public threads.


If that is of any interest to you guys, I would love to come and spend a week-end around Glentress.
I live in Denmark now but I lived in Aberdeen before and have been to Glentress a couple of times. Never did the long black though, so I have to come back! Still riding Muni every week all year (given how flat it is around here, the trails are actually not bad!)

From my side, I could make it work a week-end mid/late-Sept, perhaps mid-Aug, but that would depend on flight tickets and accommodation etc.

Let me know if interested!


How about a British muni weekend at glentress? Obviously overseas visitors would be welcome too!

Im on the west coast, in Argyll. Plenty choice for steep and technical muni riding, but it’s about 2.5 hours drive from Edinburgh. If you ever feel like a day or weekend over here give me a shout and I’ll show you the local spots. There’s also photos and videos on Facebook and YouTube as a teaser. Look for Cowal Mountain Bike Club.

Hey, Wheeee, I live very part-time in Edinburgh, staying very near Holyrood Park on the Duddingston side. I ride quite a bit in the park and around Salisbury Crags and Arthur’s Seat, but mostly do road and cycle path routes out through Figgate Park, Portobello, the Innocents and like that. Not been out in the Pentlands yet, but there look to be lots of opportunities. I’ve not been to Glentress yet, either, but I’ve enjoyed other 7 Stanes parks (well, Kirroughtree), so I’d be keen to try it some time.

Edinburgh is a place where I’ve encountered more unicyclists in the wild than anywhere else put together. I’ve seen 3.

It’s also the place where I rode past a group of young (8 or 9 yo) girls playing in the street and one said loudly to the others, “See. Told you we’d see a unicyclist soon.”, nearly causing me to fall off with laughter.

Um, not sure what the point of this post was - just to say hi, I suppose, and say I’d be up for a ride some time in principle, though I’m quite constrained when I’m up there coz girlfriend, innit, and I go to spend time with her. I am, however, likely to have some potential to make some uni time on 20th August - perhaps a trip to Glentress or some XC in the Pentlands.

Can do 26/29/36 as appropriate!

I also live near Arthur Seat, the commie. I commute daily on a 36er and would love to do a bit more Muni not on my own :wink: (like 26" at Glentress or 36" on coastal trails).

Anybody else riding 36" unis in Edinburgh?

If you want to get in touch, my email is stephane.chazelas at unicyclist.com. I tried sending friend requests to the other Edinburgers in this thread, but I’m not sure how that works and I get here only very occasionally.

Almost directly opposite where I stay, across Holyrood Park…

Cool. How far do you commute? What’s the route like?

See my earlier post :wink:

Request accepted. See also my twitter account below.

A quick search on FaceBook doesn’t show up any Edinburgh Unicycle groups akin to Unicycle North West, but I did find references to Municyclists in the city, such as this reference to having a BMW in Scotland, which led also to this guy.

[Edit: just re-read the thread and saw that OorWullie had already mentioned the BMW and Cowal Mountain Bike Club stuff from FB!]

And loads of posts about the UniPiper, obvs.

Whither went OP?

What happened to Wheeee, anyway!? One post asking questions ten days ago and now no sign!

Wow! What an excellent response :slight_smile:

ScotMuni, jrwi, Stephane Chazelas, great to hear from you all. I’m definitely interested in meeting up for some riding. I do commuting, longer distance trails, and I also enjoy some more off-road stuff, usually at Arthurs Seat. I’m currently riding on a 29".

jrwi: the facebook link you posted is actually me :slight_smile:


It certainly does! I have tried sending you a PM, but they don’t appear to send… so if they didn’t get through, let me know here :slight_smile:

Cool. How far do you commute? What’s the route like?

That’s not too bad, around 3 miles, partly through the meadows, a less nice part between tollcross and dean bridge (Lothian road is not a joy).

With a sysadmin job, 2 young kids and a wife working on week ends, my limiting factor is time here.

I don’t really do facebook/twitter… But I do emails. I’ve added a “group” here (http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/group.php?do=view&groupid=93) and on yahoo groups (edinburgh-unicyclists@yahoogroups.com, join at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/edinburgh-unicyclists/info), please feel free to join.

Does anybody want to meet somewhere in holyrood park for a wee ride there?

Have anybody met the rangers on Arthur Seats. Mountain biking is prohibited there. I’ve met a couple of rangers while riding there in the past. Generally they were rather puzzled and amused and let me ride (as long as I don’t spread the word (oops)).

I’d be up for that :slight_smile: I sent you an email the other day, don’t know if you got it.


Would not fancy riding that route!

Joined both. How will I know which one to post in?

I’ll be in Edinburgh and have the day free on Saturday 20th so, from my perspective, that’s a great opportunity for getting a ride of some description in! As previously mentioned, I’m happy whether that’s 36er, XC, or Muni - though my Muni skills are not up to Wheeee’s standards, judging from his FB pictures. And I’m not riding through that junction at Tollcross, either!

Hello all Edinburgh Riders and any Visiting Riders
[that’s me (Nevil, aka ‘ScotMuni’), Calum (aka ‘wheeee’), Stephane, Teddy (aka ‘gonzo’), ‘jrwi’, ‘OorWullie’ and not forgetting the talented riders from Voodoo Unicycles too!]

It seems that there is an appetite to meet up for some longer riding/muni at various venues in and around Edinburgh: Arthur’s Seat, the Pentland Hills and also 45 mins down the road at Glentress, near Peebles.

I would suggest that we start off local and central, and move outwards from there.
ie Pick a date and time for Holyrood Park, then the next date for Pentland Hills and lastly a big ‘day trip/road trip’ to Glentress. We could also travel further afield to Cowal and meet up with an even larger group of riders?

So, here’s a suggested calendar of meets, to get the ball rolling….

Wed 10 August, 7pm
Meet Holyrood Car Park, by Arthur’s Seat.
We can do a loop of the road, and some riding down the main paths on the West Side - I’m not sure that the Park Rangers welcome any of the smaller paths being ridden upon, by any number of wheels.

Sat 20 August 9am onwards?
Meet at various locations along the Union Canal (Fountainbridge or Harrison Park) or the Water of Leith (Lanark Road Aqueduct/Colinton Park/Juniper Green/Currie) to then ride up the steep hill towards Harlaw Reservoir (to get the heart pumping!) but continue up to the Pentland Hills via tracks and paths, and descend Harbour Hill to Bonaly Country Park and then back to Colinton Village, for a return ride back to the start. Total riding time is about 2hrs.
This would most suit 26” and 29” wheels.

Sat 17 Sep or Sun 18 Sep or Sun 25 Sep?
Glentress Day riding

and then in October/November, head over to Cowal?

I also plan to take part in the following longer distance events…anyone willing and able to take on several hours of riding are most welcome to join in. It’s always fun to educate/surprise cyclists with what can be achieved on just one wheel!

Sat 13 August, 10:30am to approx 4pm
Ride with ‘Edinburgh 20 Miler’ cyclists
See website here: http://20milers.blogspot.co.uk/

Sat 3 September, 9am-3pm
‘Pentland 2016’ - an event organised by Scottish Mountain Bike Orienteering
See website here: http://www.smbo.org.uk/pentlands-2016/

Sat 10 September, 10:30am to approx 4pm
Ride with ‘Edinburgh 20 Miler’ cyclists
See website here: http://20milers.blogspot.co.uk/

If you are interested in any of these, then feel free to post a reply here, or use Private Mail.


Well done Nevil on some excellent organisation there. It looks like a sensible and well thought out way to proceed :slight_smile:

I can put myself down for Wednesday the 10th, and likely the other dates mentioned will also be doable for me. Let’s see what everyone else thinks.

Saturday the 17th September would suit me better than a Sunday for glentress, I work Saturday nights and probably wouldn’t manage a 3am finish then head to gt for a day of riding! I’ll look into campsites or other accommodation if people want to come for a tour of the Cowal trails?

I’ll try to get through for some other riding around Edinburgh and the Pentlands too, but again Saturdays are better than Sundays!

Its quite exciting having plans for Scottish unicycling.

Looks like a great place to ride, I’d be up for that. Yes, it is quite exciting, I’ve been riding many years, and very rarely have had the chance to ride with other unicyclists :slight_smile:

I don’t think I can make that date (though I’ll try, and I hope there’ll be plenty other opportunities).

However, wheeee and I are meeting tomorrow Friday 05 August at 6.30pm on the car park next to Holyrood Palace for a muni ride on Arthur’s Seat, .

Anybody’s welcome to join in.

So, Glentress on 17th Sept?

Hey guys,

Great planning… I live in Copenhagen so I won’t join you for most of it, but I am definitely keen on joining you for Glentress.

Can we settle on Sat. 17th Sept or are you guys still unsure? Just need to book flight tickets before they get too expensive