Edd's new beast!

Firsty I have to say, Sorry Sponge for making this thread at exactly the same time as you! Lol!

The frame is painted so it was time to assemble “The Beast”!

I was going to get a Koxx one Hub and cranks but Roland from municycle.com told me (Very helpfully, Thanks for pointing it out Roland!) that the K1 crankset would not fit the frame. I bought an onza hub instead, but had to drill the holes out as the 12 guage spokes would not fit! I also had to drill out the holes on the rim because the nipples (Giggle!) wouldn’t fit through! So last night was spent building the wheel, and the rest was done this morning!

I know, I don’t have cranks because I ran out of money! Getting some
wednesday when I get paid!

I will be rockin’ this beast at London!


Rock on!




Looks cool

Few Questions if you don’t mind!

  1. which Koxx saddle is that? Is it the Luxury Saddle that’s supposed to come on XTPs? Or is a 2007 new thing.

  2. How come the Koxx hub can’t fit the Qu-ax frame? is it to do with spacing or size of the bearings?

  3. Is that the steel Qu-ax frame or the aluminium one that Lucas is rockin’ these days?

Looks very nice. Looking forward to seeing you and this uni next Sunday!

Man I Love That Paint Job. Its Totally Awesome

  1. Pink Lady saddle i believe.

Sure is! It rocks!

Its killin’ me sitting there, knowing I can’t ride it till I get some cranks!

Rock on!

Sounds like a perfect time to practice wheel walks and glides, just wrap the end of the hub with some cardboard and tape to protect it if you drop it and its a perfect gliding machine!

Hmm! I need to learn them, sounds like a great idea. But I wouldn’t wanna drop it already, and learning stuff for me normally means dropping my uni loads! Lol!

Rock on!

I was jsut about to say it was time to get out there and wheel walk! lol

Looks great, how much did it cost you total?

I dunno what I love more, Edd: Your exXxtremely sexXxy unicycle, or you.

Very nice.


can i have it?

Cool can’t wait to see it ride in london:)

What a B-E-A-Utiful uni!

Nice looking uni, who’s hair is that in the last picture, not yours is it?

Looks better in real life!

Hell yeah! i unispan it today, its serweet!
Edd fit his 140mm onza cranks on it today off his muni, so we went ridin even tho it twas rainin (we went in a squadrant thing) it is light but feels solid at the same time, a swell setup


Ha Ha!

I love you too Ed!

No Tomtrevor, you can’t have it

It cost me about £290 thats incluing paint for the frame,

So thats $545 US, or $613 CAD or 432 Euros!

Oh and its me sisters hair in the last picture!

Rock on!

Why so much for that frame?

it’s the aluminum qu-ax one I believe

Yup, its the qu-ax alu frame, super light but also super-beefy!

Thanks for all the comments guys

Rock on!

The 127 cranks have arrived and they are on! So im set for sunday!
It will be soo sad to grind on the lovley new cranks! :frowning:

Rock on!