Edd and Leo's BUC vid!

I know I have already posted this in the BUC thread, but I thought more people would find it here!

Sorry its in two parts, we couldn’t join the two sections together!

Part 1

Part 2

Hope you enjoy it!

Rock on!

nice one guys, there’s so many cool bits and great filming in there. Glad i got to see it again.

The bit where you pan through the house, you should try and film a hugh section like that, very cool.


In the futer when filming shots like riding down the hill at 0:55 (in the first vid) do it on a bright sunny day w/ the sun to the side or preferably behind the camera. That way it won’t be “black and white siloet”, like it looked at the start. Also the camera person could stand up on an object and hold the camera way over their head, minimizing the amount of the sky in the shot, then lower the camera as you ride by. It will be less likely to black out everything but the sky.

Also the camera was a bit shacky in quite a few shots.

But other than those two things very well done. Good music matching, editing, sequence of shots, and camera work (other than the shacking).