Ed Pratt cranks

Anyone know what length cranks Ed Pratt used for his round the world expedition? I’m thinking that after 22,000 miles riding all over the place that the guy probably had a pretty good handle on what was the ideal all around crank length for riding distance on a 36" unicycle. Granted it was probably the heaviest 36er ever, but the guy must have been in fantastic shape too. It looks to me like they were maybe 150’s.

Cranks – Kris Holm ‘Spirit’ ISIS Disc Cranks – 127/150mm”

Thanks. I wasn’t aware he had a website. I watched carefully through his kit video, but he didn’t go into the minor details of the unicycle itself on it.

From what I’ve seen, it looks like he didn’t usually move them from the 150 position.

I recall him commenting on this somewhere, though obviously I cannot find it now. I suppose it could either being in any one of his vids or perhaps a comment on social media. However I am pretty certain he has used both positions at different points on the trip.

FWIW I did find this How many parts...?

where it states

So clearly he found the 125 a little on the short side for his usage.

Ed came to a British Muni Weekend shortly after he got back from his tour. He had a 24" with 150s and could still spin faster than most of us on sensible length cranks. I guess you learn to spin when you’ve ridden 22,000 miles…

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I know from watching his videos that he doesn’t seem interested in setting speed records. I’d guess he can probably go as fast as he wants to with the 150s and likes the torque they provide. I was kind of wondering if he went with long cranks on his touring uni just because it was such a heavy beast of a unicycle or if he just preferred 150s overall. Considering that he also had them on a 24" I’d guess it’s ths latter.