ECHO Brakes

Any body have any experience with these? They look all svelt with all the C-N-C parts…

Bling Bling… :sunglasses:

that does look cool :sunglasses: How much are they? Probably loads, they look great quality.


Ouch, thats steep. But they’re probably worth it.

They do look great.

As long as the work as well as they look, they would finish off a Muni really well.

Yeah they would match a KH perfectly

Are you thinking about replacing your magura?

From what the Trials Bike people say “the back of the caliphers do not stick out as far as the Magura.” I bang my leg on my Maguras quite often. I have rub the paint clean off the backs of them. Also noted was the hose routing from the master cyclinder, it rides real close to the bar/seatpost so it stay out of the way. Just another option for the mUni.

Not sure I’m ready to replace my current brake, I need to bang my leg a couple more times :wink:

…or augment it.

One of my favorit colors is yellow, so I’m thinking a cool color combo would be the blue frame, then yellow rim tape, pedals, saddle, and brakes.

Not Yellow, but it is close…

I’ve been using it on my bike. I’m not sure if they fix the leaking problem but there have been cases where the fluid somehow ‘disappears’ without a trace. I usually do water bleed and end up re-bleeding every so often. It supposedly leaks through the seal in the master cylinder.

Aside from that it’s nice especially if you have a larger hand with the master cylinder being slightly longer and the blade will give you extra 10% or so more braking power. The low profile slave cylinders are nice as well and they are solid. I’m probably going to replace the master cylinder with the Magura and stick the Echo lever into it (hoses are compatible as well).